Wish you could get a new pair of socks every month?

Wish you could get a new pair of socks every month?

In the market for some fresh new socks? Wish you could get them delivered to your door every month?

Why are we so crazy about socks?
Socks are important. Socks, unlike shoes, are always visible. If you have cool socks, people will see them and ask about them; if you don’t have cool socks, people will still see them but they might think worse of you. Because our first goal is to bring happiness to all humankind, we decided to do something that would affect more than just one person at a time: we would begin a sock subscription service.
In addition to bringing joy and self-confidence to those that subscribe, we also hope to give back. For each sock subscription purchased through our service, $1 will be donated to an organization that works toward ending human trafficking in Asia. This means even if your first sock doesn’t fit quite right or your toes are cold, at least you can feel good about yourself! :) And even better: if all goes well, maybe next year we’ll open up a sock store! We love you (and your feet)! Happy New Year! - Self Confidence SocksTM <3 Yall
Thanks so much for reading! If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask. We're serious about sock subscriptions being totally free forever - with no catch - but would still love your support by giving us some claps below; it only takes a second and helps us grow more than we already have been!

What makes our subscription special
With our New Year, New Socks subscription you'll never have to worry about running out of socks again. With 3 different pairs per month, men and women can enjoy fresh socks delivered right to their door at the beginning of each month. Our monthly sock subscription service is great for stocking up on fun and creative patterns for those long days at work or school. We also offer gift subscriptions so that your special someone can have socks sent directly to them! By signing up today, you will receive three pairs of high quality socks straight to your doorstep next month. Try our sock club today! We won't judge if all of your friends are getting one too...and it's not weird if you do want to brag about how awesome we are! All subscriptions purchased before 12/15 will receive an additional pair of socks in their first month shipment. You may not be used to dealing with 30 day risk free trials, but here at cool socks Monthly we like taking risks (at least with our customers). Not ready yet? Feel free to take advantage of our 7-day free trial. No credit card required, no strings attached. Give us a try and see how you feel about receiving new socks delivered every month. Cancel at any time during your trial period with just two clicks!

We're still figuring out how many pairs to send each month
it'll be between 1 and 4 pairs. This will be completely random; you won't know which types of socks or how many you'll get in each shipment. There is no guarantee that all pairs will be clean, although we promise to take good care of them for at least 60 days and wash them before sending out if we know they're dirty! We may throw in an extra pair or two if there's any size/brand differences between your monthly shipments. After 60 days, socks are up for grabs and can be thrown away or donated to charity. You don't have to do anything special with them at any point, but we'd ask that you please try not to wear more than one sock from your subscription at once -- though we realize everyone has different sized feet (and thus different sized socks), so hopefully having more socks on hand can work well as a backup plan :) It would also help us immensely if you updated us when/if anything major happens (new job? new home address?) so we can keep our records up-to-date. If there are any socks you don't want for whatever reason, let us know ASAP and we can send those to a friend who might like them instead! Lastly, just because someone else signed up under your name doesn't mean you're getting all their socks either -- unless both of you decide beforehand to share socks and coordinate ship dates, then individual subscriptions remain individual. Hope that clears everything up! <3 Please fill out information below about yourself to see what kind of socks you'd be interested in. Interested in men's socks? * Yes No Interested in women's socks? * Yes No What kinds of sock colors interest you most? * ...And what kinds bother you most: Any other comments, questions, concerns? We hate spam too and promise never to sell or give away your email address.

The benefits and variety you can expect from us
Think about it, your socks do a lot for you: keep your feet comfortable, protect them from dirt and other elements, and even help regulate temperature. It’s time to give back to them. You know what they say - give a man new socks on his birthday or Christmas; he’ll have warm feet for a year. Your favorite giftee is going to love getting socks that meet their unique preferences and always feel fresh. No more mismatched socks in your drawer! We offer over 20 styles of socks in various lengths, widths, and colors. So go ahead – indulge your sockless friends (and yourself) with a subscription from cool socks For Warm Feet! Subscriptions start at just $25 per month with free shipping worldwide! Check out our website today to learn more. We are also proud to support several charitable organizations including children's foundations, women's shelters, animal sanctuaries and cancer research. With each sock purchase made on our site we donate 10% back to these amazing causes through non-profit partners like GlobalGiving. Join us today in making an impact together! What are you waiting for? Get cool socks for someone special today!
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How often do we send the packages out?
We send out packages once per month. You can sign up for our sock of the month Club at any time, but we recommend joining during our pre-launch so you’ll receive all 12 pairs when they’re released throughout 2016. This will make sure that you don’t miss out on your favorite designs! We ship your package around 20th of each month via USPS First Class Mail and include shipping tracking information in your shipment notification email. Shipping takes between 2-5 days within the United States (shipping times vary based on location). You are responsible for duties/taxes imposed by your local customs office. These charges are separate from our monthly subscription cost and are not covered by us. If you have any questions about your international order, please contact either Love & Zest or Crazy Woman Creek before placing your order. Please note: Once placed in production queue, all sales are final. No refunds will be issued. How do I cancel my account?: To cancel your account, simply use our Contact Us page to submit a cancellation request with your exact name and address. [INSERT CONTACT FORM HERE] We take cancellations very seriously because no one wants to feel like their hard earned money is going to waste – we understand how important it is for customers to feel confident that their payment has gone towards something worthwhile... especially if they subscribe long term.

How do I cancel my subscription if I don't like it anymore?
If, at any time, you decide that your socks aren’t looking as cool as they once did, send us an email to [email protected] with cancel in the subject line. If we haven’t sent out your next set of subscriptions (1 or 2 months), we will happily cancel and refund your subscription. If we have already sent out your next set of subscription (1 or 2 months), it’s up to you if you want to keep receiving them until they expire. We do not automatically renew. This allows you to try socks for a few months before committing! #keepingitsimple ;-) Does my shipping address matter?: Yep! You should make sure your shipping address is correct so you don’t miss out on getting socks because they got sent to someone else's house. Because we ship these ourselves, there is no way for our system to know which address belongs to which order -- so please double check :) Thanks for understanding! And again - we will provide tracking info when applicable. How often can I expect my socks to arrive?: Our normal plan sends out subscriptions monthly (1 month), bi-monthly (2 months) or quarterly(3 months). Custom plans are also available upon request. Since each subscription package gets shipped differently, delivery times vary.