Why You Should Start a Sock Subscription for Your Company

Why You Should Start a Sock Subscription for Your Company

To say that socks are one of the most important items in a man’s wardrobe may be an understatement. People often take their socks seriously, and many people have preferences about the kind of socks they wear (e.g., ankle socks vs. dress socks). There are even people who love collecting different styles of socks, some with cartoon characters on them, others in bright colors or with unique patterns and designs.

Why you should start a sock subscription

At Philosockphy, we know that socks are more than just an added foot covering. We can assure you they can change lives! But why are socks so important? From inspiring fashion to bolstering business innovation, here’s our list of reasons why all companies should start a sock subscription.

The benefits of starting a sock subscription

Few things can’t be improved by a well-made pair of socks. And, since we spend so much time working, wearing them every day, socks actually become an extension of our company culture. That’s why offering your employees stylish, high-quality socks is one of those win-win scenarios where you give something to your employees and they give something back in return: loyalty and productivity. The Philosockphy sock subscription ensures your team will get something nice and that you’ll make it super easy to take care of them every month. It doesn’t hurt that most people are really into getting mail on their desks. Every month makes a great little celebration—especially when there are cute new socks involved!

The different sock subscription boxes available

One of my personal favorites is Sock Fancy, which offers one or two pairs of artisan-made socks per month at $9.99 each. For example, you could sign up to receive a pair of heavy merino wool socks with Italian wool fibers and quality made in Italy as well as classic men’s dress socks that have a reinforced heel and toe. The best part? It comes with an extra pair included every time! With options like these available through subscription services, it’s no wonder more businesses are adopting them as gifts for employees. They’re affordable and show creativity—the best things when gifting employees!

How to make sure your company’s socks are appreciated by all

Socks are an easy way to get employees excited about their company and incentivize them. For example, you can use your company’s branded socks as part of a contest or reward employees by making it so that every day they come into work wearing branded socks they get entered into a raffle to win something such as an Apple watch. This is also great if you have events with other companies that you want to create an atmosphere of camaraderie with; these events will be memorable if all attendees wear your company's branded socks. Not only are branded socks fun, but they can also help make work more enjoyable by improving morale and alleviating stress in employees at no cost.

The costs associated with starting your own sock subscription box

The startup costs associated with starting your own sock subscription are pretty minimal. And when you factor in how much it will save your business over time, you’ll quickly realize that each of these expenses is well worth it. Here’s what you need to start: A credit card processing account, website domain and hosting, $300-$400 in socks, $300 in t-shirts, a printer and paper...and that’s it! To figure out exactly how much money you can make off your sock subscription box, check out our exclusive guide: A Complete Guide to Calculating Profitability on Your Online Business.

The various package options you can offer

For under $20, we offer one pair of socks per month. For less than $30, you can choose two pairs. This is a great way to test out your sock subscription service to see if it’s something you want to offer all employees in your company. Every company is different; find what works best for you and your team members! If you want to give as an anniversary gift or holiday gift, our 3-month and 6-month options are perfect because it doesn’t matter when they join—they still get three or six months of subscriptions respectively. Many companies also like these options because employees can buy them on their own without needing an administrator’s approval.