Why you should sign up for our sock of the month club

Why you should sign up for our sock of the month club

How many socks do you go through in a year? Let’s be honest, you probably don’t even know the answer to that question because you wear the same few pairs of socks over and over again, right? It’s time to add some variety to your sock drawer with our sock of the month club subscription! Each month we’ll send you three new pairs of designer socks to add some excitement to your daily footwear, plus when you subscribe we’ll give you $5 off your first pair! What are you waiting for? Sign up today!

Our socks are awesome

As a sock-of-the-month subscription service, we really value quality over quantity. Our socks are designed to be more comfortable than your average dress socks, but fashionable enough to wear in a business setting. That’s why we spend so much time designing and sourcing high-quality, breathable materials from around the world. The result is socks that feel great and last a long time. But even with all that attention to detail, we know there’s nothing better than putting them on your feet for yourself! With that in mind, we want you to try out our socks today!

Our Club Plans Are Low-Risk

Our sock of the month clubs are a simple and affordable way to begin your wardrobe refresh. With no long-term contracts, cancellation is easy and we’ll even send you another pair on us! No strings attached, just great socks. Join today, don’t regret it tomorrow.

Wear cool socks with Confidence

We all want to look and feel good. It doesn’t matter what we wear—whether it’s a jacket or a pair of socks, confidence is important. Confidence isn’t about impressing others; rather, it’s about feeling as if we look good and exude an air of confidence. If a pair of socks can help us feel more confident, then what do we have to lose? Just like clothes and other accessories, cool socks are just another way to express ourselves in creative ways. At Philosockphy Socks, we specialize in cool socks that make us feel confident when wearing them! That’s why our sock of the month club sends members three pairs every month! Now that's something worth signing up for!

We Offer a Great Referral Program

If your friends sign up to become members, we’ll send you a gift card that lets you choose from a number of great socks. As long as they remain members and buy at least one pair, we will send you that same gift card every time they renew their membership. We give out $20 gift cards right off the bat, but some months have bigger gifts or secret gifts that include things like exclusive socks and adventure gear! When your friend subscribes using your link and chooses a sock subscription, we will also waive their first month’s dues. You can earn referral rewards indefinitely so feel free to share us with anyone!

We Listen to Feedback From Our Members

We’re committed to making socks that people love and one way we do that is by listening to what people are saying about us. This can come in a number of forms, from emails and phone calls, to reviews on social media and websites. By doing so, we’ve heard your frustrations with sock subscriptions (shipping costs are always an issue), and have developed a sock of the month club that not only saves you money on shipping, but also has a risk-free membership (you get 30 days to try out any pair(s) included in your monthly package before deciding if it’s right for you). Join today!

No Risk, Money Back Guarantee

We know people are skeptical when they see a sock subscription, so we make it easy to take a risk. If you don’t like your first pair, or decide it’s not right for you after that, just send them back and get your money back. No questions asked. After signing up for Philosockphy Socks, we want you to be as excited about socks as we are! It’s okay if your socks aren’t love at first sight – because every hero changes into their suit eventually, and you can feel free to change into something else with us too. We never want anyone who wants to get out of their contract or is unhappy with their product from coming back!