Why you should sign up for our sock of the month club

Why you should sign up for our sock of the month club

How many socks do you go through in a year? Let’s be honest, you probably don’t even know the answer to that question because you wear the same few pairs of socks over and over again, right? It’s time to add some variety to your sock drawer with our sock of the month club subscription! Each month we’ll send you three new pairs of designer socks to add some excitement to your daily footwear, plus when you subscribe we’ll give you $5 off your first pair! What are you waiting for? Sign up today!

What is a monthly sock subscription?

If your sock drawer is missing a little something extra, try getting it from a sock subscription. Sock subscriptions are nothing new, but they’re more popular than ever. That’s because socks can be hard to find in stores. People love how socks can match any outfit and express individuality. Add in different textures and patterns and there are countless ways to make sock-of-the-month club an exciting experience. There is something like a sock subscription box company for everyone! But before you start ordering online or get shipped socks every month like clockwork, consider what kind of sock lover you are: here's how to decide on which one is right for you

How do I pick my monthly socks?

When you sign up, we ask a couple questions to help us match you with your first pair. Then, every month after that, it’s just a matter of letting us know what socks from our wide selection are most appealing to you. We put together a sock collection based on your preferences and make sure there’s something for everyone in every shipment. You get a bunch of cool socks delivered to your door every single month, but unlike other sock companies out there—we don’t take away from the experience by exposing all kinds of marketing messages and getting in between you and your new favorite socks. In fact, if anything we’re erasing them by giving them right back to you!

Where are my awesome socks shipped from?

We ship all of our socks from Los Angeles. They come from various factories around Taiwan and China. The socks are then handpicked by us (we're picky about cool socks) and shipped out to customers. We do not stock any inventory, which allows us to send out new items every single month at a great price point. As far as logistics go, we use United States Postal Service as well as DHL depending on your location within the United States. In terms of shipping time frame, it generally takes between 4-7 business days to receive your socks. International orders will take longer due to customs and processing through USPS international shipping options in your country's post office system or private courier service (depending on your destination).

What if I need to change, cancel, or pause my order?

HEROES WEAR Philosophy is a sock subscription service that takes care of everything from ordering and delivery to billing and customer service. So you can be sure all socks will arrive on time, every time, without a hitch. No worrying about changing sizes or shipping address. Having a difficult day at work? A tough commute home? All is forgiven when a cute pair of socks drops through your letterbox with an envelope containing cards telling their story and selling points (such as made from highest quality yarns in India using fair trade practices). Our support centre staff are always happy to help, so whether it’s pausing your subscription for two months while away on holiday or cancelling it altogether, they’ll make sure we get back to you straight away.

Do you ship internationally?

No, we're sorry. We only ship to addresses in North America. But rest assured, when you sign up for a sock subscription, you will never go sockless again! For example, if last month your socks were Philosoraptor themed and next month they’re owls... well... expect something majestic! Also, since each pair is designed by independent artists from all over the world, your experience with sock of the month Club is culturally deep & fulfilling. You’ll learn about designers through their work & about yourself by wearing them every day!

How much does shipping cost?

Shipping cost is $3 per sock for a one-month subscription. For a three-month subscription, shipping is $2 per sock. After that, shipping is free! Domestic customers enjoy free standard shipping on all sock of the month subscriptions. And we're going to include tracking, too! International customers can expect to pay an additional $10 per order in taxes and duties, but they'll also receive tracking information and expedited shipping if they need it. Socks are shipped directly from Thailand via airmail: when socks leave our headquarters, they arrive at their destination in under two weeks! We want to send you socks that match your personal style and fit your feet perfectly—and we know exactly how to do it.

How are shipments made?

We make sure your socks arrive to you in cool packaging, safe from harm. We use thick padding in each package and print a personal thank-you note with a discount code on every shipment. At Philosockphy, we want to share what we love, cool socks, with everyone! That’s why every sock purchase also comes with a free pair of Philosockphy Socks: always fun and never boring. With 6 designs per pack and 3 packs delivered per month (plus one bonus pack), subscribers can always expect an exciting new design. And best of all? No monthly commitment—you can cancel anytime (and even skip months if they're not your style). Thanks for being here today! We hope to see you as a subscriber soon!

Is there tracking information with my shipment?

We use standard shipping with tracking information to ensure your package arrives safely. If you are not home, a notice will be left and your package can be picked up at your nearest post office. At checkout we give customers an option to request expedited shipping that does not include tracking information as it can get costly. Our sock of the month club is in partnership with Philosocks, one of America's oldest sock companies whose mission is to provide comfortable socks that stand out from others in both quality and design! Signing up for Philosocks' sock subscription service offers an affordable option to discover new styles without making big commitments.

Are your socks comfortable?

The first thing that most people think about when they start wearing Philosockphy socks is Wow, these are so comfortable! They're soft, thick and stretchy, but not overly tight or restrictive. When your feet are happy, you'll be happy! The fact that they've got color-coordinated designs just makes them an even more enjoyable part of your outfit. People love when other people ask them about their cool socks--it's an instant conversation starter! And with a Philosockphy Socks subscription, you'll never run out. You can give your friends one for every occasion: gifts on birthdays and holidays, stocking stuffers at Christmas and even a bridesmaid gift at weddings. The best part?

How can I return, replace, or exchange my socks?

You can exchange or return socks that don’t fit quite right from your order, free of charge! We’re happy to send you out a replacement pair and get your old ones back in one piece. If you want to make a full return, we’ll also take care of that. Just let us know why you aren’t satisfied and we'll get things figured out. No questions asked! If there is any damage to your shipment we will notify you right away so please contact us within 5 days if there are any damages during shipping.