Why You Should Join a Sock Subscription

Why You Should Join a Sock Subscription

How many socks do you go through in the average year? Probably quite a few, especially if you are anything like me and tend to get holes in your socks faster than the speed of light. No matter how I’ve tried to stop this from happening, it just seems to be one of those things that I have no control over. Now that I have joined the sock subscription club, though, my socks will never go unworn again!

The benefits of joining a sock subscription

The number one benefit of sock subscription boxes is that they remove all stress from buying socks. Instead of having to go to a store, search for socks and pay for them individually, you get monthly packages delivered straight to your door. No more worry about running out of clean socks - when you run out, there’s another package ready and waiting for you! Many subscriptions have different levels so you can choose how many pairs per month/year you want sent to your door as well. One great feature is that most sock subscriptions let you customize what kinds of socks are sent – think stripes versus polka dots, solids or patterns and so on.

What are sock subscription boxes?

A sock subscription box is basically as it sounds: a subscription to get socks in a box. These boxes are great for those who have trouble matching their socks, or just want a little variety. Here’s how they work: you pay for each month that you want to receive socks, and then you can pick your size and style preferences from there. Once that’s done, you’ll receive at least one pair of socks delivered straight to your door every month!

How do you choose which sock subscription box to join?

My recommendation - Philosocks

Why Philosocks is better than other sock subscription services