Why You Should Give Up Sex and Devote Your Life to Cute Socks: The Case for the Sock of the Month Subscription

Why You Should Give Up Sex and Devote Your Life to Cute Socks: The Case for the sock of the month Subscription

A sock of the month subscription can be an amazing gift for the woman in your life, whether she’s a casual sock fan or obsessed with footwear in general. But more importantly, it could be the secret to true happiness and fulfillment in your life – and we’ll explain why! Read on to find out all about why you should give up sex and devote your life to cute socks!


They're So Much Fun to Collect

There's something about having a great collection of socks that is just so satisfying. Yes, it's silly, but they're just so much fun to collect. And we want you guys to be as excited about socks as we are! That's why we've created the best sock subscription around. With our sock of the month club, you can order a new pair each month with no commitment or obligation. And if you don't like one pair, you can skip it without missing out on your next shipment.


They Make Great Gifts

The best sock subscription services make great gifts. They offer a variety of socks with different patterns and colors, ensuring that you can find something to suit everyone's tastes. Plus, they're always delivered with a handwritten note (something you can't get from any other kind of gift), so it feels like someone took time out of their day just for them.
Plus, there are also sock-of-the-month clubs that are perfect for men who want socks in bolder colors or patterns than what most stores typically have in stock; these clubs offer an awesome selection so he'll never have to wear boring white or gray socks again.


They're Affordable

I've been a member of the awesome socks club since I was fourteen years old, but if you're under eighteen, you might want to wait before joining. It's not that socks are expensive or anything, but it is a commitment. For $14.95 per month (plus shipping), this subscription service will send you one pair of awesome new colorful socks every month. If you cancel your membership, they'll send you three pairs so they don't go to waste! They have ankle socks in 15 different colors--how can you say no? And if that's not enough, how about this? Every two months they release an exclusive sock-of-the-month in addition to their regular monthly delivery!


They're Comfortable

Socks. We wear them all year round and only take them off when it's time to get into bed at night. Yet, there are socks that make you look like an absolute fool! Fortunately, there are also socks that are just as comfortable as they are good looking. Our ankle socks come in a variety of colors, some even have designs on them. They're super soft too so your feet will be thankful you took a few minutes to check out our awesome sock club today!


They're fashionable

The world is a crazy place, and if we're not careful we'll find ourselves in some pretty uncomfortable situations. Luckily, style has no limits. We can do whatever we want with our clothes because they're ours. And socks are awesome accessories that can bring a little fun into any outfit. So ditch your old striped crew socks that have been sitting around since high school, or those boring cotton dress socks you bought as an afterthought at Target on your way out the door. These days there are so many awesome sock subscription clubs out there where you can get a new pair of colorful ankle socks every month! crazy color dress socks? Check! Fun men's ankle socks? Check! What's stopping you from having fun with your feet?