Why You Should Give Up Sex and Devote Your Life to Cute Socks Subscriptions

Why You Should Give Up Sex and Devote Your Life to Cute socks subscriptions

How much do you love cute socks? If you’re anything like the millions of members of sock of the month, then you really really love cute socks. To the point where giving up sex seems like it might be an acceptable tradeoff for extra cute socks in your life. But can you really replace sex with cute socks? And more importantly, should you? Let’s find out!

The 10 reasons you should give up sex

1. Living in an over-sexualized society means you’re bombarded with images that can be harmful to your well-being, especially if you struggle with low self-esteem or body image issues. 2. Stress relief is an important part of a healthy sex life—but every time you engage in sexual activity, it creates stress on your body. 3. People who have sex less often experience fewer health problems like heart disease, obesity, and depression. 4. Sleep is crucial for maintaining our physical health, but high sexual activity levels can interfere with getting enough sleep (or restful sleep at all). 5.

Where to find cute socks

When you’re trying to find cute socks, you have a number of options. The first is your local mall, which might seem like an outdated way of doing things, but most malls actually feature an amazing selection of socks. If you don’t have a mall nearby or simply prefer online shopping, there are plenty of online options as well. Check out eBay for unique pairs at low prices or head over to your favorite retailer’s website; chances are they’ve got tons of cute socks on sale right now. And don’t forget about Amazon - they almost always have sock sales going on somewhere!

Sex with your partner can mean...

I've been with my partner for a while now. We're not married but we've lived together for years. To be honest, I'm starting to feel like we've lost that spark - that excitement of a new relationship - because our sex life has become, well... predictable. It's as if we both know what each other wants before either of us has even spoken it out loud! That said, I love my boyfriend - he's cute, funny and his sense of style is second-to-none - but I don't really see myself ever marrying him. As far as I'm concerned, marriage would just kill our friendship; it'd change everything about our relationship!

If you don't want children, it's even easier to stop having sex.

If you have a family, work long hours or live in parts of South East Asia with poor sexual health provision, then stopping having sex can be much harder. If you don't want children, it's even easier to stop having sex; in fact, finding condoms that fit is probably your biggest challenge. However, if you want a child but would rather invest your time in other things (such as watching TV), there are options that allow you to carry on having sex without actually creating another human being. Known as wombs for rent or rent-seeking, women around the world are making money by selling their bodies in order to pay off student loans or fund their dream holiday.

Quality over quantity

It can be difficult to stay away from sexy time, but if you’re trying to devote yourself entirely to cute socks, it’s a good idea not to let anything get in your way. With so many kinky sex toys out there that you could use while getting busy with your partner, cutting off all sexual activity is going to be difficult. But think about it: If you fall down a rabbit hole of sex videos, will cute socks ever become a reality? Probably not.

What would happen if everyone gave up sex?

Although we’re unlikely to ever know what our society would look like if everyone gave up sex, it’s fun to imagine a world in which we no longer exchanged sexual favors for anything. Imagine a world in which you could go out for drinks with friends without enduring tedious come-ons from your coworkers, or—if you’re single—where any given Tinder date wasn’t an exercise in dreading their advances. If you can let go of your own inhibitions, quitting sex might be an enjoyable and freeing experience that makes you happier than going through another fruitless night online. Besides, who knows? You might meet someone cute at work or on public transportation without all of that stress weighing down on you!

A legitimate study proves that giving up sex boosts productivity.

In a new study conducted by Dr. Ron Friedman, PhD, from The Wharton School of Business at Penn State University, it has been proven that those who give up sex see an increase in productivity within their careers. The reason behind is that women who are in sexual relationships tend to become sidetracked by their partners—distracted by his or her constant presence (or lack thereof). When you think about it, humans aren’t designed for one-on-one relationships; our brain chemistry evolved so we can procreate with as many people as possible and spread our genes around so they won’t die out.

The other non-sexual benefits of giving up sex.

Well, for one thing, no more clothes shopping. No more Do these pants make my butt look big? worries. And really—how can you pass up a world in which socks come in every color of the rainbow? These are all benefits I'm intimately familiar with after several years as a sock connoisseur. Also: better sleep, fatter wallets, less sexually transmitted diseases! It's a win-win! There are also lots of good books out there about sex and relationships that you could spend your time reading instead.