Why You Should Give Up Sex and Devote Your Life to Cute Socks: Philosockphy's Sock of the Month


A few weeks ago, I was sitting at my desk when I got an email from Philosockphy, Are you ready to give up sex and devote your life to cute socks? The subject line read, Your next pair of socks might just change your life! (I was really disappointed there wasn’t a hyperlink!) Sure, what the hell, I thought, let me give it a shot... So the other day I received my very first pair of Philosockphy socks in the mail.


The benefits of sockism

Philosocks is a sock of the month club that offers socks for every man. From ankle socks, colorful socks, crazy color dress socks, cool socks for men, crew socks and more, you'll never need to wear a boring pair again. Not only do they have great quality clothing but they also offer a best sock subscription service.


Step 1 - Declare yourself a sockist

A true sockist knows that a man can never have too many socks. Well, at least not if they're awesome socks. That is why I have given up sex and I'm devoting my life to cute socks. This month we have a really cool selection of best crew socks, funky colorful ankle socks, dressy mens ankle socks and more! Join me on this journey as we search for the perfect sock.


Step 2 - Invest in socks over clothes

If you're a man with an eye for color, you've probably noticed that socks are now designed in every shade imaginable. Gone are the days where your only options were black or brown. Instead, today it is possible to find a pair in every color of the rainbow. And it's not just about making your feet look great; these days, there are plenty of socks out there that are made from materials like cotton and bamboo so they feel as good as they look.


Step 3 - Only have sex with your partner if you're wearing socks

Philosockphy has you covered. This is a monthly sock club for people who love awesome socks. Each month, we will send you one pair of socks (or more, depending on your size) with a different design. For example, if it's December, we might send you Christmas socks or snowman socks. And yes, that includes warm woolen ones for winter!
It gets better. When you have sex while wearing our socks, you'll automatically be entered in to our monthly drawing for a chance to win another pair of awesome new socks! So get your partner excited about these awesome new cool mens socks by sending them this link today!


Step 4 - Learn how to put on shoes without removing the socks first

Start by slipping your foot into the shoe. Be careful not to snag your socks on the laces or tongue. Slip your heel in as far as it will go, while keeping your toes curled up so they don't get caught in the shoe either. Now, with one hand, hold onto the back of the heel of your sock (with your fingers pointing towards you), and with the other hand pull up on each side of the sock until it feels snug against your ankle (you should still be able to see a little bit of skin). Hold on tight for about 10 seconds before taking both hands off.


Step 5 - Discuss other sockists' lives while wearing your favourite pair(s) of socks.

I recently saw this incredible tweet from @philosocks about all their favourite socks. I was so taken by it that I had to reach out and ask them for an interview. They were more than happy, so here is a Q&A with one of my favourite sockists, Philoctetes.
Q) What are your thoughts on the current sock market?
A) The current sock market is wonderfully saturated. If you're looking for something specific, chances are you'll find it within minutes! It's really such a perfect time to be starting a business in this space.