Why You Should Consider Getting a Sock of the Month Subscription

Why You Should Consider Getting a Philosockphy.com/collections/socks-club">sock of the month Subscription

One of the most popular ways to show an employee you appreciate their hard work and loyalty at your company is through gift giving. Although flowers, balloons, and other traditional methods of showing appreciation are nice, it’s important to keep in mind that employees don’t necessarily want those things every time they get recognized. Instead, try getting them socks on the month with Philosockphy! It’s as simple as selecting what you want your recipient to receive on every month and then waiting until the day arrives when it will be delivered right to their office doorstep!

The Benefits for Employees

7 Reasons Why Companies Should Start a Philosockphy.com/collections/socks-club">sock of the month Program

A month's supply of socks is, typically, not considered an exciting gift to give. However, in one way or another, they're useful and practical gifts that can be put to good use by both company employees and their clients. Every business knows it’s important to show appreciation for its employees; but how often do we think about thanking our clients with something as simple as a pair of socks? One great way you can thank both your employees and your clients is by introducing them to sock subscription services. Here are seven reasons why I recommend getting sock subscriptions for employees: Philosockphy – Life happens!

The Benefits for Employers

The Ultimate Gift (for you!)