Why You Should Consider A Sock Subscription

Why You Should Consider A Sock Subscription

That’s right! Don’t you just hate it when you get to the end of the month and realize that you have no socks left? That always happens to me, and I can’t tell you how many times I’ve run to the store on my lunch break to buy more socks. Not only are these socks expensive, but they take up so much space in my dresser drawer. It gets so bad that I have to roll them up and shove them into any little space I can find, which makes it really hard to actually see what socks I have available when I need them.

Benefits of sock of the month Subscriptions

The best part about sock subscriptions is that you get socks for cheap. Most sock of the month services charge $10-$15 per month to receive a pair of high-quality socks from your favorite brands, which can save you money in comparison to buying them at retail prices. And most sock subscriptions are gender neutral, so you can send these as gifts or buy them for yourself. The benefits of wearing cool socks definitely outweighs any initial investment cost.

Benefits of cool socks

There are many benefits to getting cool socks in a subscription box. You can buy a sock subscription for either men or women. Often, these socks come with patterns, prints and designs that complement your wardrobe nicely and will look nice when you wear them with different clothes. They are comfortable and if you receive a pair of socks each month, it is fun to see what design and print comes next! Some of these subscriptions also allow you to select some styles that interest you from their website before they even send them out, so if there is something specific that you want as part of your sock subscription box each month, it is easy to make sure that will happen.

How to Choose Between sock of the month Subscriptions

Where to Start? There are hundreds of sock subscription boxes available right now, but there are a few key factors you should consider before you sign up. Whether you’re a man or woman, your socks should fit properly, be comfortable and fashionable, but they also have to make sense. One way to do that is by figuring out your preferences when it comes to materials and style. If you’re looking for a lot of variety in styles and brands as well as on-trend designs, then look for subscriptions that offer multiple pairs of footwear—shoes or sneakers as well as socks—for one low price.

Final Thoughts on Some Popular sock of the month Companies

There are several sock subscription companies, but a few stand out above others. I love having cool socks every month and have learned to not settle for just any old thing. There is a lot of value in having fun socks that fit your personal style, go with many outfits, and last for years of wear. I've made sure to mention those qualities in my criteria table below.