Why You NEED a Sock Subscription!

Why You NEED a Sock Subscription!

Do you love socks? Would you like to own more socks than you’ll ever need in your lifetime? If so, consider getting yourself a sock subscription! There are now tons of companies that will send you one or two new pairs of socks every month or every other month at different price points. A pair of socks can make the perfect gift and they come in all sorts of patterns and styles. Check out this list of reasons why you NEED to get yourself a sock subscription today!

#1. The Underrated Luxury

Time. As much as we all strive to live like Rockstars or Nomads, time is still money. In our fast-paced society, we’re all searching for ways to make life easier. With a sock subscription you don’t have to waste your precious time running around town looking for socks – they will be delivered right to your door every month! #2. Variety Pack: Why settle for just one pair of socks when you can get 2 – 3 pairs every month? Over time your sock wardrobe will expand, and after awhile you may even forget what other colors/patterns exist!

#2. Birthday Gift Idea

A Month’s Worth of Socks + FREE SHIPPING. No waiting for your next birthday to give your favorite guy socks he’ll actually wear and enjoy. Get him a gift he can count on by starting his very own monthly sock subscription from Philosockphy, where every month you’ll be gifted with 2-3 pairs of fun and stylish socks, as well as have access to additional giveaways, discounts, and surprises. With subscriptions available in both men’s and women’s sizes, Philosockphy makes gifting everyone in your life – birthdays or holidays – easy and affordable. And if you don't have time to shop for gifts? Let us do it for you... just pick who you want (Mom? Spouse?

#3. Not All Socks Are Equal

Invest in socks that feel good. There’s no sense getting a sock subscription if you don’t enjoy wearing your socks. The more comfortable your socks are, the more likely you are to wear them and be happy with them. That said, it’s important to match your preferences with different textures, types of fibers, and even brands. We think you should try out lots of different subscriptions before deciding on one or two that work best for you, so subscribe to as many as possible and do some testing!

#4. Christmas Gifts for Dads

A Philosockphy Approach - Dads are tough to shop for and Christmas gifts for dad can be especially difficult if he's not a big fan of material things. If your husband doesn't love getting new shoes or clothes, why not opt for an at-home activity? A sock subscription is something all guys will get use out of and look forward to each month. And most importantly, it makes life easier on you; choosing outfits every morning will become effortless. When starting your subscription, you’ll want to consider gifting 3 months, 6 months or 12 months so they'll never run out of socks. Just think of how happy they'll be opening their gift and finding those brand new socks waiting inside!

#5. Gifts for Non-Sock People

While some socks are obvious gifts for sock people, many of us don’t have sock-loving friends or family members. That’s where subscriptions can help out. Check out Philosockphy’s Philosocks – they come in four gift packs (gift boxes!) with different themes to appeal to everyone on your list. If you’re buying for your loved ones or a stocking stuffer, you can even order individual pairs if you like; they come in an adorable box that looks like it was made by elves (shh – don’t tell anyone!). The folks at Philosockphy really understand that while we may know what type of sock we want, we want something cute and fun to unwrap too.