Why You NEED a Sock Subscription!

Why You NEED a Sock Subscription!

Love socks? Need new socks? Want to have someone else do the hard work of finding the perfect pair of socks that suits your particular needs and style? With subscription sock companies like Philosockphy, it’s easy to find the perfect pair of socks, and even easier to have new pairs show up at your door each month. Here are 5 reasons you need a sock subscription!

Support local businesses

socks subscriptions help support local businesses. These online stores offer socks for men, women and children and sell them at affordable prices. Businesses that participate in sock subscriptions help create jobs and provide useful products for consumers. Every month when you sign up for sock of the month, you get to pick from various styles and designs from around 20 different brands all made in America. We are known for unique patterns, funny phrases, comfortable fabrics and bright colors. Get your own sock subscription today!

Save Money

We all know that socks are absolutely essential to any closet. However, if you’re anything like me, you find yourself spending more time looking for your favorite pair of socks than actually wearing them. Just think about how much money and time we waste searching for lost socks when we could be wearing them right now. A sock subscription will stop those loses cold by giving you two new pairs of super soft socks delivered straight to your door each month without fail. You’ll never lose another sock again!

Get Fit

When you sign up for one of these sock subscriptions, you get to look forward to getting exciting socks each month. If you’re like me, you probably don’t love spending an exorbitant amount of money on clothes each month. When I was in college and had only part-time work during summers, I used to buy extremely cheap socks at Target and wear them for as long as possible before throwing them out—even if they looked totally ragged. Now that I make more money, my thought process is still kind of stuck in those days when it comes to clothing. That’s why it might surprise people that my husband and I actually pay $20-$25 a month just so we can have cool socks shipped right to our door every other month!

Keep your feet warm, dry and comfortable

With so many different sock styles and materials, you're sure to find something that keeps your feet comfortable and your fashion forward. A great way to keep up with trends without breaking your budget is with sock subscriptions. They allow you to get brand new socks delivered directly to your door monthly, 3-monthly or quarterly. There are several subscription services online, including Philosockphy and sock of the month. These subscription companies offer 6 months-worth of socks at an unbeatable price. If you live in a cold climate (like myself) you'll appreciate being able to pull out fresh and warm socks on those chilly days. Plus they come packaged beautifully which makes them perfect for gift giving as well!

Enjoy surprises each month

If you're trying to quit your job and start a business, it's probably in your best interest to keep things stable for as long as possible. A sock subscription might not be high on your list of resilient business models, but think about it: If you have something coming each month that you love and look forward to, it's easier to have faith that everything will work out in time. Socks might not get you closer to your goal, but they'll help get you through some tough days when doubt gets in your way. Trust us: Your sales numbers will thank you later.