Why You NEED a Sock Subscription!

Why You NEED a Sock Subscription!

Love socks? Need new socks? Want to have someone else do the hard work of finding the perfect pair of socks that suits your particular needs and style? With subscription sock companies like Philosockphy, it’s easy to find the perfect pair of socks, and even easier to have new pairs show up at your door each month. Here are 5 reasons you need a sock subscription!

#1: The Philosophy of Socks

There’s something to be said about getting a pair of socks every month. It forces you to slow down, enjoy life, and embrace your own Philosockphy. I love how crazy and colorful socks can be, how creative their patterns can get (like these ones with portraits of Stephen Colbert on them), and how for just one dollar you can make someone’s day. For example: my girlfriend had been looking for socks with flamingos on them for years because she loves that pink and gray color combination so much – do you think that would ever happen if we weren’t subscribed to Philosockphy.com/collections/socks-club">sock of the month? Of course not!

#2: What are my style preferences?

Everyone has their own preferences when it comes to their wardrobe. Some of us like to look professional and elegant, others prefer casual t-shirts. When you’re choosing a sock subscription, decide if you’d rather have humorous or classy socks in your drawer each month. This will save you time and energy down the road when you realize that Doctor Who socks don’t go with all of your work outfits...

#3: How many pairs should I get?

If you're just starting out with sock subscriptions, we recommend 1 or 2 pairs of socks to see how they fit. Once you find a brand and style that fits well and matches your tastes, you can decide on whether or not to increase your sock subscription. With these monthly subscriptions (like Philosophie), it's hard to say how many pairs each month because that depends on when you get paid, how much money is available in your budget, etc. Keep in mind that even if your shipment is $25 - $35/month (which includes shipping), most socks range from $10-$15 each pair. So think about purchasing 1-2 pairs every other month as opposed to subscribing for 12 months of socks at once.

#4: How do I take care of my socks?

Philosockphy is often concerned with what you do with your socks once you get them. Whether you store them in drawers, toss them into a corner, or wear one and just not notice that it's gone for three weeks, a sock subscription service sends you something new to put on your feet every month. This means that your socks won't be lost but well taken care of. They'll stay fresh, clean, and ready to meet another day in their crazy philosopher world. Imagine never needing to search for your socks again—or having leftovers crowding up everything from drawers to closets. When it comes to organizing your life and protecting yourself from abandoned articles of clothing everywhere – I would suggest Philosockphy!

#5: How do I choose between styles/colors/patterns?

No matter what your style is, there are going to be sock subscription options that you like and options that you don’t. This question is especially important if you want to purchase socks as gifts for others - if you know they don’t wear certain colors, patterns or styles, it doesn’t make sense to spend money on a box of them. But sometimes it can be hard to tell if they might actually like something because we're biased. Asking friends who have similar tastes in socks is also helpful - not only can they help you pick out colors/patterns they think someone would like but sometimes they'll suggest brands with great styles and quality!