Why Sock Subscriptions Make the Best Gifts (And How to Find the Perfect Pair for Her)

Why Sock Subscriptions Make the Best Gifts (And How to Find the Perfect Pair for Her)

Sock subscriptions are the hottest gift of 2017, but not all sock subscriptions are created equal. If you’re looking to give your girlfriend, wife, mother, or sister the perfect pair of socks this year, check out these subscription services that will help you find the right fit (pun intended). Sock subscriptions are perfect gifts because they’re never going to be re-gifted! Think about it: no one ever returns socks!

Knee Highs

Knee high socks are all about staying warm, but you can dress them up with a cute heel and skirt or dress them down with a pair of sneakers. Knee high socks are more versatile than patterned ankle socks, which are mostly worn on their own rather than as part of an outfit. For example, you’ll almost never see a knee-high that doesn’t have some kind of patterned design—it's just not practical! What makes knee-highs great is their ability to fit into multiple outfits without sticking out like a sore thumb. Pick up knee-highs in neutral colors and wear them under your favorite dresses or shorts. You can even wear them with jeans when it’s cold outside!

Over The Knee Socks

Over-the-knee socks are perfect for wearing with boots in winter. They're an easy way to look a little more stylish while keeping your legs warm, and they also make great gifts because they're so versatile! Below, we've rounded up some of our favorite OTKs that you can buy right now—but you'll find plenty more at Nordstrom, Amazon, and SheIn. Also keep in mind that if your gift recipient wears a size above 12 or so, she may have a hard time finding OTKs that fit her; those women will need over-the-calf socks instead. And if you aren't sure what size she wears?

Thigh Highs

Thigh-highs are usually reserved for women who like a little extra coverage, but thigh highs are also extremely sexy. After all, what is sexier than seeing a pair of women’s legs exposed? Adding some thigh-highs to your look will do just that! If you’re looking to pull off some sultry stockings and don’t know where to start, check out our list of 5 simple steps below. Remember, they say dressing up is half of it—it doesn’t matter if your outfit looks absolutely incredible if you don’t have confidence in yourself! Pulling off clothing isn’t just about being physically attractive—you need confidence and style as well.

Patterned Socks

Most sock subscriptions cater to men, so if you’re looking for a gift idea that’s more colorful and fun, they might be just what you need. Your options will vary based on your needs and preferences, but some of our favorites include Bombas Cares by Bombas, Hello Socks by Unbound Merino and Queen Bee Creations by Queen Bee Creations. Most subscription sites have at least a few women-friendly options in stock—especially subscription boxes geared toward teens or college students. If you don’t find something you like right away, it might be worth browsing through their offerings; just because it isn’t your first choice doesn’t mean it won’t be a hit with her.

Basic Black

There are two basic kinds of socks: dress socks and ankle socks. If you’re shopping for a woman who wears suits and dresses, you can’t go wrong with both. What separates one pair from another is usually pattern, texture, and length; most women will tell you that there are no such things as plain white dress socks.

Ribbed Patterns

For a durable and support pair of socks, check out ribbed patterns with padded areas on the bottom of your feet. These designs are especially good if you need lots of cushioning when you walk or run. You’ll find them in lots of colors, too—including yellow, which can be worn with a wide variety of clothing options. This pattern is particularly popular among athletic women and those who like wearing fun socks. If you want to make a sock subscription gift extra special, then look for a pair designed by an athlete that features their signature!

Stripes and Dots

The socks-and-sandals aesthetic is nice, but let’s be real: It's hard to match prints and patterns with sneakers. Plus, there are plenty of occasions when heels are preferable. In that case, consider a pair of patterned or striped socks. They're still casual enough for running errands around town, but can also make you feel more put together on special occasions—like weddings and birthdays—when most people end up wearing sneakers anyway. Many department stores sell fun women's socks in bright colors, patterns and textures at affordable prices. But if you don't have time to check out local stockists or run out of gift ideas, online sock subscriptions are a great option for finding just about any kind of pair imaginable.