Why Philosockphy Sock Of the Month Club is the best way to improve your style.


You may not think of socks when it comes to improving your style, but there’s no denying that they have the potential to be an essential part of your wardrobe. And you don’t have to be stuck with boring, plain white or black socks every day. Rather than buying socks you see in stores, why not try signing up for Philosockphy sock of the month Club? Every month, we send out pairs of unique designer socks handpicked by our stylist to match your preferences and taste in fashion. We’re confident you won’t find this kind of quality anywhere else!


Philosophy behind our sock club

Philosophy's mission is simple: to help men look and feel their best, with confidence, every day! And we do this by curating our own sock of the month club that's full of fun, colorful socks for men and more.


How it works

Philosockphy sock of the month Club allows you to have a new pair of socks delivered monthly and gives you a chance to have fun with colors and patterns while receiving them in the mail. We ship anywhere in the world, so you don't have to be in North America to enjoy this sock subscription service! Plus, our socks are made from high-quality materials that will last for years and keep your feet comfortable all day long.
The package comes with one pair of knee-high socks or ankle socks, depending on what you prefer! And each month we feature a different design - whether it's polka dots or zebra stripes or even just plain white for those who want something more simple and classic.


Benefits you get from being a member

Philosophy sock of the month club features a new pair of awesome socks delivered right to your door every month, or even more frequently if you would like! As a member, you will receive 12 pairs of fun and crazy socks in two years. You will also enjoy free shipping on all shipments, and we provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all orders so you can always send us back any socks that aren't up to snuff. Plus, as an exclusive member, you'll get 10% off anything else in our store!


Free shipping

Philosocks are a great gift for any occasion and are perfect for everyone on your list this season. Shipping is free in Canada so you don't need to worry about that hidden cost, and there's free shipping worldwide too! Plus, they have an awesome rewards program that gives you 20% off of all orders as well as deals and discounts just for members! What's not to love? The sock of the month club has everything you need to add some fun colour or warmth into their lives - from cute kids socks, funky crew socks, ankle socks or knee high stockings - there's something here for everyone!


Discounts on each order

Philosocks offers a new sock of the month club and they are perfect for men who want something fun, colorful, and different in their wardrobe. With each purchase, you'll be getting a high quality pair of socks that will last through years of wear and be comfortable as well as stylish. The company has many styles available with monthly themes that include: awesome socks club, cool mens socks, crazy color dress socks, fashion crew socks and more!


Our sock quality and exclusive designs

At Philosockphy, we are always looking for ways to make you feel good about yourself and what you wear every day. We have a number of sock subscriptions that can help you do this, whether it's by adding fun colors or patterns to your wardrobe or by helping you find the best socks for men who need dress socks with their suit. Regardless of which package best fits your needs, each box will be filled with high-quality mens purple ankle socks that are designed with comfort in mind so you can maintain a healthy lifestyle while wearing them throughout the day. Plus, each month we'll send an exclusive design that can't be found anywhere else!