Why it's time to give your socks and underwear a makeover

You don’t need to look very far to see that the sock and underwear industry has exploded in the past year, with subscription boxes like Sock of the Month and Trunk Club selling socks and underwear by the dozen. Why are these industries booming? It comes down to just one thing: convenience. When you have time to buy your own socks and underwear from your favorite store, you’re going to spend more time looking at price tags and less time thinking about how practical it would be to buy nice socks from an online store every month or so instead of replacing old socks every few months.

Things Underwear Snobs will Tell you

1. Buying cheap, synthetic, uncomfortable underwear is a waste of money. Sure, you'll get some initial use out of them, but if you want comfortable undergarments that will last for years — or even decades — then splurge on good-quality briefs made from natural fibers like cotton or bamboo.

2. If you have body odor issues or plan on spending long hours outside in hot weather, choose organic cotton underwear instead of non-organic cotton products for optimal comfort (and to prevent itching). You can even opt for fabrics made from sustainable wool and alpaca that won't irritate sensitive skin or cause allergic reactions.

3. Your foot health could be impacted by wearing ill-fitting shoes — just ask podiatrist Phillip Vasyli, who warns against buying footwear online because many websites don't take into account factors such as your arch height or width when recommending sizing. The best way to find supportive, great-fitting shoes? Try on multiple brands at local shoe stores before making a purchase so you don't end up with tightness or discomfort along your toes or heels. And try new shoes for 30 minutes at least once every three months to detect any cracking along the sole or bulging near pressure points caused by moisture and friction that can leave painful blisters.

4. When was the last time you replaced your drawers? According to Dr. Karen Boyle, author of Beautiful Body Naked: A Guide to Your Healthiest Life From Head to Toe, there are two things we should do regularly to maintain cleanliness: washing our hands thoroughly with warm water and soap after each bathroom visit; and switching out our undergarments weekly. Any longer than that and you risk a buildup of bacteria which leads to bacterial vaginosis, she says. As men age they may also need more frequent changes due to decreased ability to produce adequate amounts of acid mantle.

5. Nail biting could mean more than chipped polish and stained teeth. New research published in BMJ Open shows that people who bite their nails run a higher risk of heart disease. People who said they had nail biting habits were 53 percent more likely to suffer an early cardiovascular event compared to those without nail biting habits, according to researchers at University College London’s department of epidemiology and public health. 6. Remember freshman year: Those first few weeks of college usually involve learning how to manage laundry responsibilities while trying not to fall behind on assignments — all while trying not to get too overwhelmed by what seems like dozens of new social experiences all coming at once!

Trends in Men’s Socks
You may not think about men’s clothing when you think of fashion, but if you look closer you will see that men’s fashion has evolved just as much as women’s clothing. Today, men want more than comfortable clothes; they want quality, trendy clothes with an added level of durability. Let’s take a look at trends in mens socks in order to better understand what is going on out there. First off is color choice. Socks come in every color under the sun. From traditional white, black and grey hues to more flashy colors like red and blue, it seems almost anything goes these days! The next thing to keep an eye on is patterns. Whether fun patterns or classy patterns, adding a nice touch of design to your socks can help bring something new and original into your wardrobe. A new trend for men’s footwear are ultra-thin athletic styles for comfort during sports and exercising. Finally, you needn’t worry about size too much anymore because today it seems companies are trying to find ways around size issues by making their products extra stretchy or by putting text such as one size fits all right on their packaging! All in all, socks have seen some interesting changes over recent years and while some feel they were already doing just fine before all these changes took place, others claim we haven't seen anything yet! So why exactly are so many people interested in men’s socks? Well, they offer more protection than ever before. For example, today there are boots made specifically for hiking and other outdoor activities which require a large amount of toe protection; however many hikers also don't want their toes squished together inside shoes designed specifically for hiking purposes. Fortunately, sock manufacturers noticed that problem and created lightweight hiking socks that provide hikers with ample protection without compromising comfort. Another reason why people enjoy them so much is because they allow us to express ourselves through designs and colors in addition to offering us long lasting durability even after multiple washes (and believe me even I tend to wear my favorite pair way past its expiration date). Lastly (and perhaps most importantly) is price!

Are Sock Subscriptions Worth It?
For most of us, it seems as though our clothing drawers are always in desperate need of help. Between work, play, and every other activity that life throws at us, we barely have enough hours in our days—let alone minutes—to devote to laundry. If you don’t want to end up wearing mismatched or dirty socks day in and day out while you get caught up on everything else on your plate, then sock subscriptions might be worth considering. For less than $10 per month, businesses like J. McLaughlin will send you a new pair of stylish patterned or solid-colored socks each month. You can also opt for packages of three pairs per quarter if you prefer that over one monthly delivery; either way is fine by me! Best of all, there’s no commitment and you can skip shipments whenever you want. It’s not hard to see why giving sock subscriptions a try makes so much sense when deciding how to outfit your wardrobe, especially when they take care of what would otherwise be an afterthought: socks. There are even businesses now offering underwear subscriptions, too (just search mens subscription underwear). Some places ship full pieces or just random undies for men and women alike depending on their preferences. While I wouldn't say such companies cover the basics when it comes to undergarments (thongs? really?), they do offer some comfort knowing your boxers, panties, and briefs should be clean and available when you need them. They’re great for people who travel often or spend significant amounts of time away from home but still want access to quality garments. Wanting to save money on clothing is understandable these days—but simply going without isn’t worth it since our clothes protect us from germs (and vice versa). We shouldn’t skimp on quality items that maintain their integrity between washings.

How To Choose Best Sock Brands
Sock subscription services are a great way to get more style options than what you would find at most department stores. There are many subscription services that ship out new socks each month. Some even include multiple pairs of unique, high-quality designs. But how do you choose which sock brand is best for you? Keep reading for tips on finding amazing sock brands so that you can look great and feel comfortable in your new pair of socks of the month. Here are three factors to consider when choosing good quality socks: #1) Padded heel #2) Fast drying material #3) Fit Here’s how these three factors can help you with picking out amazing socks: Padded heel – The padded heel will ensure maximum comfort as well as proper circulation and cushioning. It protects against bruising or pain on sensitive areas like heels or toes, while also ensuring long lasting comfort. Fast drying material – The ability of a fabric to dry quickly after getting wet is paramount when looking for quality workout clothing. A fabric’s ability to dry quickly prevents bacterial growth or mold formation by encouraging evaporation through its pores during washing, leading to healthier clothing for active lifestyles. Fit – This refers to both the actual size of an item as well as its intended use. If clothing doesn’t fit properly then an otherwise high quality piece could be rendered useless in terms of comfort and effectiveness. Finding exercise clothing that fits comfortably regardless of size or use is important when shopping for any type of work out wear. And finally here are some things you need to keep in mind when buying socks/underwear: Comfort—Just because something looks good does not mean it should be worn without testing if it actually feels comfortable. Just make sure you try it on before wearing them. Price—The price of something shouldn’t really matter but believe it or not there are many companies that overcharge their products just because they think people will pay extra due to branding. Price should be relative to quality! Durability—Think about how often you plan on using whatever product you’re thinking about purchasing, and consider just how much damage might occur from repeated usage/washing cycles.