Why I'm Hooked on the Sock of the Month Club

Why I'm Hooked on the sock of the month Club

In my sock drawer, there’s an awful lot of sock diversity. There are athletic socks, dress socks, cotton socks, and quite a few that fit into none of these categories. These days, I wouldn’t be caught dead without at least one pair of sock subscriptions in my sock drawer; just ask my wife! She’s the one who got me hooked on the sock subscription service from Philosockphy. Now, I can’t imagine ever getting to the point where I actually need new socks because I get to enjoy new pairs every month!

Get socks, wear socks
If you haven’t already, check out my favorite sock subscription service—and it’s not just because they sent me a free pair. Philosocks is a wonderful addition to any wardrobe and has introduced me to some awesome new socks that I would have never purchased or seen otherwise. And every month, it feels like Christmas when a fresh pair arrives in my mailbox. Go get yourself signed up now. You won’t regret it! A lot of people miss out on how important socks are for your day-to-day life and some people aren't sure where to start. With so many sock subscription services floating around nowadays, it can be hard deciding which one is right for you. Lucky for us, there's a service called Philosocks (really cool name by the way) that makes getting those fun and comfy socks easier than ever! This sock club ships off 3 pairs of designer socks every single month! Just choose what type of socks you'd like to receive (I went with all unique designs), select if you want men's or women's socks, enter your shipping address and hit submit. That's it! After browsing their wide selection of sock designs, I was sold after reading through their easy return policy as well.

My sock drawer is the best part of my day
Maybe it’s just me, but when my mailman delivers a package with a new pair of socks waiting inside, my day instantly gets better. It doesn’t matter if they’re part of a subscription club, or if they’re brand new and hot off an Amazon listing—I can always count on getting at least one awesome pair of socks delivered to my house each month. These are 9 reasons why I’m hooked on sock subscriptions. 1. I have socks to wear every day: Believe it or not, there was a time in my life when it would sometimes go weeks without wearing matching socks! For someone like me who is obsessed with organization and never having mismatched items in their wardrobe (it’s so unprofessional!), that was unacceptable! And thank goodness for sock of the month clubs; now, I don’t have to worry about making sure all my socks match because I know that whatever socks I put on will be going with something else in my closet. 2. My sock drawer is stocked with new socks: When you think about it, most people buy new clothes all year long. But socks seem to be one thing we forget about often. You might do laundry once a week, but chances are those socks were bought months ago! With sock subscriptions, you can make sure your drawer is stocked with interesting socks no matter what season it happens to be. 3.

Having great socks makes you more confident
It’s simple, really. If you’re wearing a cool pair of socks and you know it, then you feel more confident. And if you feel more confident in your work clothes, or even just at home, then your overall confidence level rises and boosts productivity and happiness! But did you know that you can take that feeling to another level? A level where every month—no matter what kind of sock mood you’re in—you have a new pair to wear? Welcome to my world. You see, I’m hooked on sock subscriptions. You probably are too after reading all that; so much so that you don’t even realize you want them as badly as I do right now... Well, maybe not right now because after reading all about these awesome sock subscription companies I bet you want one immediately! Don’t worry though—it happens to me all the time too. These days there is no shortage of sock-of-the-month clubs out there but when I first discovered mine I knew it was an excellent find. Not only were they delivering unique and fun socks right to my door every month, but they were doing so with a sense of style (and humor!) like none other out there! That company was Philosockshphy and their socks quickly became some of my favorites... So imagine how excited I was when they asked me to become a stylist for their sock club! No longer would I be waiting each month for a package from UPS – instead, every 2 months I could choose from any of their available styles from previous months, plus whatever new ones had just launched.

Here's How To Get Your Own Pair
At Philosockphy, you can order a custom sock design based off your mood for just $20! What’s more is that you’ll also get an awesome pair of colorful socks delivered to your door each month. They call it their sock of the month Club. If you want to purchase a pair, go ahead and click here. (It's free.) Just know that there are very limited slots available. Only 50 have been made available in all of North America, so make sure you hurry if you want to grab one for yourself because once they're gone, they're gone! As always, don't forget to comment down below with what kind of socks you'd like me to share next time. And as always remember...be positive or negative...you choose! #SocksOfTheMonthClub #SockLife #FunSoapBarNotes #PhilosophyOfLife #CoolSocks #CatsArePeopleToo ---If you have any questions feel free to leave them in the comments section below! I'll respond ASAP!

Consider this your invitation to try them out for yourself.
Why am I hooked? Because they’re great quality, they come in lots of fun designs and they add something special to my life. Every month, when a new design arrives at my door, it always feels like Christmas morning. That’s why I signed up for their sock-of-the-month club! It’s like getting a great pair of socks every single month – it keeps me sane and grounded during crazy times at work. And most importantly, they make me feel special – which we could all use more of every now and then! Let's face it: bad socks suck. They bunch up, fall down and sometimes even get holes right out of the package. Good socks just don't have those problems. That's why Philosockphy has made a commitment to making your feet happy by offering you only high-quality socks that will stay put, keep their shape and do what they are supposed to do: Keep your feet comfortable and looking good through long days at work or play.

And if you don't like it, I'll give you a refund. No questions asked.
Nobody likes dealing with return shipping or exchanges, which is why we offer a 30-day money back guarantee. If you don't like your socks, send them back to us—we'll give you a full refund. No questions asked. Our philosophy here at Philosocks is that our customers shouldn't have to worry about such details; buy with confidence knowing that our products are made to last and we’ll take care of any issues that might arise. Just send it back, no questions asked. You won't find customer service like ours anywhere else. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and place an order now! We've got some pretty awesome socks just waiting for someone to love them (and they're waiting to say goodbye to their lonely existence in our warehouse). Get started by visiting one of these links: