Why I'm Hooked on Sock Subscriptions

Why I'm Hooked on sock subscriptions

I’ve been hooked on the sock subscription trend for a while now and couldn’t be happier about it! As someone who loves new socks, it’s been great to get high-quality socks delivered to my door on a regular basis instead of having to go out and search for them. I know it might sound crazy, but I love when it comes time to take the old ones off and put on my new ones. It makes me feel good!


What is a sock subscription?

A sock subscription is a monthly package that you can sign up for where you will be mailed one or two pairs of socks every month to your door. If you're not picky, the recipient may enjoy receiving any kind of fun socks for men. However, if you have a certain preference in style and color, then it may be worth checking out the crazy color dress socks or funky crew socks. These are some of the most popular kinds of socks for men currently available. The best sock subscription offers high quality cotton ankle socks that are made with wool or cotton yarns and offer a variety of styles and colors like crazy color dress socks and cool mens socks.


What are some of your favorite sock subscriptions?

I am hooked on the sock of the month club and here are some of my favorite subscriptions. M&D's Mens Purple ankle socks are great for me because they are fun, colorful, and affordable. Also, the crew socks from crazy socks Club are a lot of fun with their crazy designs and bright colors. The socks from Dressy Feet also come in awesome patterns that make them great for dressier outfits. Lastly, J&J's Fun Men's ankle socks stand out because they have an excellent selection at a really great price.


Who would love this gift idea?

I love the idea of a sock subscription because my husband has always wanted some cool socks. But, I have never been able to find a pair that he liked. He's so picky about his clothes and loves to wear dress socks with his slacks for work or colorful socks with jeans. He doesn't like traditional black or white dress socks and as a result, our sock drawer is filled with mismatched and dull socks! The other reason I love this gift idea is because it's an easy gift for all types of men. Anyone would be happy to receive mens colored ankle socks, mens colorful crew socks, or even just the best sock of the month club!
I also think it would be an awesome gift for someone who lives in colder climates during winter time!


Can you wear socks in summer?

Yes, you can wear socks in summer. It's important to note that not all socks are made for summer. For example, the full-foot wool socks are probably more suited for winter and may be a little too warm for summer. The same goes for some of the heavier cotton or wool socks.
However, there are still great options like these awesome colourful mens ankle socks that are perfect for warmer weather. You'll find they're lightweight and breathable while still keeping your feet comfortable and cool. And what's better than fun dress socks? These come in fun patterns but are designed to be worn with any outfit – they'll make your outfit look great!


How about men's subscriptions?

Socks are a great gift for the holidays or for any day of the year. A subscription to a sock of the month club is an even better idea if you're looking for something more than just socks. You'll get a new pair every month and have something to look forward to every time you put them on. Plus, they come in all different colors and patterns!


Any other gift suggestions?

I've heard of some people that sign up for a sock of the month club and receive socks each month. It's a nice gift to give someone who has everything and it's also a fun activity to do with friends. The company, Sock Fancy, has subscription options for men and women, where the sock subscriptions differ in price depending on how many pairs you get per month. They have really cool socks for men and women. You can choose from six different types of socks; crew, anklet, no show ankle, knee high sports tube sock, tights or thigh high hose. They have different colored socks for men too which is great if you're looking for colorful socks for men!