Why I Started A Sock Subscription

Why I Started A Sock Subscription

Sock subscriptions are all the rage these days and it’s easy to see why when you sign up you get two or three amazing pairs of socks in the mail every month. I started my subscription over two years ago, and I couldn’t be happier that I did! Here’s why I started a sock subscription and how it helped me with my business, writing and more.

My Introduction to Blabliq

Last summer, a few of my friends and I started thinking about how we could use some of our limited free time to support small businesses in our community. We saw some niche sock subscription boxes popping up on Instagram and wanted to give it a try. Turns out, there was no way for people outside of New York City to buy these kinds of boxes online... so we decided that instead, we'd find an entrepreneur in Detroit who could make these socks from her home studio and ship them directly to us. That's how Philosockphy Socks got its start.

The Concept of a Monthly Sock Subscription

So, where does Philosockphy come in? What about these socks are so great that someone like me (no offense) would want to get them every month without fail? Well, that’s where Philosockphy comes in. Every pair of socks from Philosocks has a different philosophy or question printed on it; it’s not just an awesome idea either—these questions have actually been studied and analyzed by experts at universities around the world! The more you wear your monthly pair of socks, your brain is subconsciously stimulated by our secret messages. By wearing Philosocks for 30 days straight, you are practicing new ways of thinking and acting, which will change your life forever.

How it Works

For $10 each month, members receive a pair of socks sent straight to their door. You can choose from five different styles - Athletic, Dress, Fraternity/Sorority, Theme and Everyday Style. We have something for everyone at prices starting at $9 per month plus shipping. Our goal is to create something that’s fun and exciting for our customers as well as profitable for us! That’s why we only sell high quality socks that are soft with colors that won’t fade over time. Also we ensure excellent customer service; If there is an issue with your order or if you simply don't like your socks (which has never happened), just contact us and we will be more than happy to assist you in any way possible!

An In-Depth Look at Some of Their Socks

When my sister first told me about sock of the month clubs, I thought she was crazy. Who could possibly need so many socks? Surely she didn’t—and neither did any of her friends or coworkers. But as she went on to explain, sock subscription services aren’t just for athletes and outdoor enthusiasts. They have a wide range of products and brands that appeal to men, women, kids, and even dogs! So not only is a subscription box an ideal gift for a loved one—they’re also perfect for yourself if you love discovering new trends in fashion.

My Final Thoughts on Blabliq

Blabliq gives you options on your clothing that you wouldn’t normally have access to. As a short guy, finding quality clothes for my height is hard. With Blabliq, it makes shopping so much easier and affordable. On top of that, my order got here earlier than expected! You can’t go wrong with Blabliq; I would highly recommend it to anyone who has always wanted to try these subscription services but never had an idea what to order or how often they should be receiving new stuff. Check out Blabliq today and get your first month free with code POWERPAK1 (one per customer).