Who's Hooked on the Sock of the Month Club?

Who's Hooked on the sock of the month Club?

At first, the idea of getting new socks delivered to my door every month seemed like the most boring thing I could possibly do with my free time, but now that I’ve been doing it for a while, I’m addicted! Even though I own lots of socks (that really don’t match), I look forward to receiving new ones in the mail every month. You never know what you’re going to get, and you can feel good about giving someone else some warm feet!

I receive high-quality socks

Imagine it’s a Tuesday morning. You pour your coffee, sit down at your desk and realize that you’re wearing a mismatched pair of socks; one is grey, the other dark blue. It’s not a good look. Or is it? The truth is, I don’t even notice my mismatched socks anymore because I have so many high-quality pairs to choose from: red polka dots, zebra stripes and rainbow argyle are just some of my favorites. From clothing to cars, we often equate high quality with being expensive – but in reality quality doesn't necessarily mean costly.

They help me stick to my goals

Do you have a goal for yourself? Setting goals and accomplishing them is how we grow as individuals, how we realize our potential. I’m not talking about big picture goals like saving enough money to buy a house. I’m talking about little things like eating more fruits and vegetables, hitting 10,000 steps in a day or learning to cook. Well there’s one simple way to ensure that you meet your goal—make it fun! I enjoy adding new and unique socks to my sock drawer so every month when my sock of the month club box arrives at my door step, it provides me with an incentive to reach my small but important daily goals. It makes reaching these little goals more than just another chore; it makes them something exciting and enjoyable!

They're stylish

There are so many fashionable, colorful socks available for purchase today that there's no need to stick with dull-colored tube socks anymore. You can even find designs featuring your favorite characters from movies or books (or have a custom design made!). In other words, you'll be wearing socks that reflect your personal style and add an element of fun to your day. Who wouldn't love that?

I can gift them to others

The greatest thing about sock-of-the-month clubs is that they make a great gift. I often find myself wanting to get my friends and family members little something special, but don’t want to spend a lot of money on it. Having an upcoming birthday or anniversary that you don’t know what to get someone? Well, maybe its time to consider getting them a sock subscription! Your loved ones will love getting these thoughtful gifts every month (and there are plenty of subscription options for kids too)!

It feels like Christmas every month

I’m a self-confessed sock addict. It all started when I was about five years old and my mom bought me a 12-pack of colorful, checked socks for Christmas. From that point forward, it seemed like every year I got another dozen pairs for Christmas. For whatever reason, my mom just couldn’t get enough—and neither could I! It became one of those family traditions that brought us closer together and we never looked back from there. To date, I still have over 100 pairs of socks—yes, you read that right: 100+ pairs!

They make great gifts

Because they come in fun colors and patterns, socks make great gifts. There are so many designs out there that there’s a style for everyone! And, you don’t have to worry about picking out one design and then hoping that your friend likes it. With each month being a different design, you can send your friends fun socks each month.

The service is personal and unique

Although there are some downsides to subscription-based services in terms of price and frequency, it’s hard to get bored with a service that offers fun, creative, and often ridiculous products. You’re also never stuck with something you don’t like. If you don’t think red socks are your style, for example, all you have to do is let your sock club membership expire—and then you can sign up for something new! On top of that, these companies generally offer other incentives like discounts or extra shipping. In other words: You could probably find a sock club that fits your needs perfectly without much effort at all!