Who Wears the Coolest Socks? We Do!

Who wears the coolest socks? We do, of course! That’s why we created Philosockphy, our sock of the month club and online retailer that brings together the best socks on Earth (and no boring stuff in between). As you can see, our carefully curated selection includes some crazy socks that are guaranteed to turn heads, whether you’re just hanging around the house or going out with friends. No matter where you wear your Philosockphy socks, you’ll be sure to attract positive attention and start conversations – and that’s what it’s all about!

How many socks can you wear in a week?

Running a sock of the month club with Philosockphy socks has been a blast. I can't believe how many socks we've shipped to our members in just one week. From crazy color dress socks to funky fun men's ankle socks, we've got all your sock needs covered. Our subscription service is perfect for anyone looking to brighten up their life and get some fresh new kicks in the process.

Wear cool socks to work

Every day I wear socks from our sock of the month club. The first day I wore purple and my coworkers were like, Dang, those are cool! It's really nice to find a gift that is so appreciated by people who care about you. When you sign up for our sock of the month club, we send you a box of six pairs of fun dress socks every month. You can wear these socks to work or to play- which is what I do with mine.

Wear cool socks at home

Every hero needs socks and you can be one too. Don't let your socks show under your jeans or slacks and make a statement with our cool socks. We have all sorts of funky, colorful, fun and cool socks for men to suit any personality or occasion.

Our gift sock of the month club is perfect for those who love to give gifts but hate to shop. Choose from a variety of styles from bright colors to stripes and argyle that are guaranteed to make their recipient smile. Plus they get two pairs of matching socks in every package that we send out so they'll never have mismatched feet again.

Fun ways to wear the coolest socks in your sock drawer

There are so many fun ways to wear socks that it can be hard to keep track of them all. Here are just a few tips on how to wear socks without being boring, in no particular order:

-Wear them with shorts and sandals: if you're a guy, this is the best way to show off your colorful socks. -Try wearing ankle socks with sneakers: just tuck them under or tie them around your ankles for a fun twist.

-Go sockless and wear dress shoes that expose your ankles: this will help you show off your cool crew socks or colorful ankle socks. -Dress up any outfit with some mens colorful socks: they'll never make anything look bad.