Who Said Socks Aren't Fashionable?

Who Said Socks Aren't Fashionable?

Do you hate mismatched socks? Are you tired of wearing the same boring colors each day? Do you want to dress to impress, but don’t have the budget to buy new clothes every month? If so, Philosockphy has the perfect solution for you. With monthly sock subscriptions available in exciting colors, styles, and designs, these subscriptions are guaranteed to bring out your true colors without breaking the bank or your laundry routine!

Giveaways - Win a Gift Subscription from Philosockphy

You've seen them before - socks subscriptions, sock of the month clubs. These clubs seem a little silly until you start thinking about how often you go through socks. How many have you bought in recent months and never worn because they just don't look right with anything in your closet? Philosockphy is changing that: by giving people access to cool designs at an affordable price, they're helping people make their boring, everyday socks stand out from others. You might even find yourself wearing a pair of socks more than once! To help spread their brand philosophy, Philosockphy is offering YOU (yes, YOU!) a gift subscription to one of their sock designs!

What are #SockofTheMonth Clubs or Subscriptions?

We all have pairs of socks that we don’t like. It could be from when we were young and picked out an odd color or pattern. Or, it could be because socks simply aren’t fashionable. Some may even just not fit us right and look awkward on our feet. Whatever it is, we keep those socks around even though they don’t go with anything in our closet. There are a lot of great benefits to sock subscription services because they give you a new pair of stylish socks every month! That way, you won’t have ugly old socks hanging around your house anymore - they will all be new and stylish! Don’t waste any more time waiting for your next pair of awesome looking socks - get yourself signed up today!

How Often Can I Expect My Monthly Socks?

There's no rule that says socks are only good for one wear. It all depends on how often you wash your socks. Most experts recommend washing them after three wears, though some people claim they can go as long as six wears before needing a wash. The most important thing is to keep an eye out for any discomfort or bad odors (typically these are signs of a fungal infection). You should also hand-wash your socks every few wears to maintain softness and quality. With PhilosophySox, we'll work with you to determine an ideal sock care plan for your feet and lifestyle. There’s no need to compromise style for comfort or vice versa; get both with PhilosophySox!

Do you ship internationally?

Yes! Shipping internationally is actually easier than you might think. We ship our socks straight from our manufacturer's facility to your door, so rest assured they will get there in a timely manner and be in mint condition when they arrive. When ordering, please make sure to enter an address that can accept international packages (most of ours can). Most of our customers are happy with their international shipping rates; if you find yours isn't at checkout, just let us know and we'll do what we can to adjust it. We also offer expedited shipping options for those of you who want them! International shipping times vary based on location and order value, but most packages go out within 2 business days of being placed.

Are there any other subscription sock services I should know about?

Have you heard of any other subscription sock services? For example, there's a company called PhilosoKnits that offers different sock-of-the-month packages. If you have any others, I'd love to know. Or if you do subscribe to some other service and like it, I'd like to hear about it in your comments. Thanks!

Where did you get the idea for these monthly sock subscriptions?

I have always been a sock lover and I thought it would be really cool to get a monthly subscription with different socks in each box. After looking at some sock of the month subscriptions I realized how expensive they were. I knew that there had to be a way to provide high quality socks at an affordable price. This is where Philosophy Socks was born! We are bringing you fashionable and high quality socks for less than half of what other sock subscription services charge, making it easy and convenient for you to wear your new socks every month!

What do you like most about your job at this stage in your life?

When I was asked to be apart of a socks of the month club, I was super excited. It is one of my favorite parts about my job and being able to speak to like-minded people about different items in life, work, fashion and everything else. You can get some great conversation starters at work or with family members through your love for something as small as socks. Everyone loves a good conversation starter every now and then, am I right? If you want to keep yourself looking fresh on your feet while also supporting an organization that supports kids in low income families in North America, check out Philosockphy Socks.