Who Said Socks Aren't Fashionable?

Who Said Socks Aren't Fashionable?

Do you hate mismatched socks? Are you tired of wearing the same boring colors each day? Do you want to dress to impress, but don’t have the budget to buy new clothes every month? If so, Philosockphy has the perfect solution for you. With monthly sock subscriptions available in exciting colors, styles, and designs, these subscriptions are guaranteed to bring out your true colors without breaking the bank or your laundry routine!

Featured: January - Yoga

A Philosockphy Sock Subscription Box

Featured: February - Adventure

There's nothing quite like new socks. They feel great on your feet, keep them clean and have that delightful new sock smell. When you wear a pair of socks for months at a time, however, they don't look or smell nearly as good as they did when you first brought them home from the store. If you're looking to replace your holey, gross-smelling socks with something fresh and cool in a way that doesn't break your budget, check out Philosockphy! The company specializes in sock subscriptions. For $12 a month (and free shipping), you'll get three pairs of no-show socks delivered right to your door.

Featured: March - Love

For a loved one or special someone, show off your inner most feelings by gifting them socks. They might be surprised and wonder why you’re giving them socks but they’ll soon come to learn that they mean more than just a comfy pair of socks. That’s because each sock has been carefully selected with its own special meaning behind it. Whether it’s brainchild of yours or a gift of support from our team, we make sure that every month has something new to offer for your loved ones or friends.

Featured: April - Happiness

What makes you happy and why is it important to be happy? In today's world, many companies work on a metric that measures happiness. So, I have been looking for ways to promote happiness in my life. Recently, I signed up for Philosockphy Socks, which are designed by a philosophy graduate student at UC Berkeley. A Philosockphy subscription allows me to get a cool pair of socks every month with a thought-provoking message that helps remind me of what brings happiness into my life. For example, one of their most popular pairs was I'm not in shape but I am in good shape - meaning you can find happiness within yourself even if you're not perfectly physically fit. Definitely something we should remember as we all start our new year resolutions!

Featured: May - Fall

Fall is a great time to get a monthly sock subscription. The warm weather is right around the corner and you can start to enjoy your favorite pair of fall socks now. We've even included a few pairs that are officially licensed college apparel. College students and alumni will love these! September - November: Are you an NFL fan, but tired of wearing team jerseys during weekdays? We've got an official NFL subscription for you! You'll receive 3 pairs of NFL socks shipped to your doorstep every season. These socks feature your favorite teams so you can wear them with pride anywhere on game day or just around town all year long! Choose from Baltimore Ravens, Buffalo Bills, Dallas Cowboys, Green Bay Packers and more.

Featured: June - Go Outside

If you’re a city dweller, chances are you spend most of your time inside. You don’t have to completely give up your daily grind or schedule in order to appreciate nature; but going outside can make a huge difference when it comes to making new connections and sparking creativity. Head outside for just half an hour a day and see how much better you feel—and what sort of interesting people cross your path. From there, who knows where things might lead. Whether you need a few moments to breathe some fresh air or simply want to check out what other hobbies are out there, it’s never too late (or early) to invest in one that makes you happy.

Featured: July - The Weekend

This is no ordinary sock of the month club. When you sign up, you'll receive not only a beautiful pair of socks hand-picked by our stylists but also a quote from one of history's most inspirational thinkers delivered right to your door. Each quote and sock are paired together by our in-house philosophers who scour all corners of philosophy for some of history's greatest musings and put them on socks. It's an exclusive journey through time and space that will bring us all closer together as we ponder why Socrates said Know thyself. And then, look at how pretty they are! Each month we pick out different pairs of socks and deliver them straight to your doorstep, with new quotes ready to give you life.

Featured: August - Home

With school beginning again and everyone settling into their routines, it's time to kick things off with a fresh pair of socks. And while you might think of socks as practicality over fashion, that doesn't mean they have to be boring! Philosocks are changing that with their sock-of-the-month subscription service, where customers can expect new sock designs every month. The company makes each design uniquely awesome by giving subscribers options to personalize their own shoe size (from women's 5 - men's 16) and sock length; you'll also get an option between a toe or heel patterned sock. So if you’re looking for some cool socks but don’t want to sacrifice your style, definitely check out Philosockphy!

Featured : September - The Pursuit of Happiness

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