Who Needs a Sock Subscription? Here Are 8 Reasons Why You'll Love It

Who Needs a sock subscription? Here Are 8 Reasons Why You'll Love It

How often do you buy socks? If you're like most people, probably not very often, which is why subscription services like Stitch Fix are so popular. But with these types of monthly subscriptions, there's always the chance that you'll receive something you don't need or that doesn't fit well, leaving you stuck with something useless and expensive to return. Thankfully, at least one business has figured out how to make sock subscriptions amazing instead of frustrating -- the Sock Club. Here are 8 reasons why it's the best way to buy socks this holiday season and beyond!


1) They last longer

ankle socks are not just for the winter months. They can be worn year-round and they're great for keeping your feet warm, while still looking stylish. ankle socks also last longer than regular socks, so you don't have to worry about them wearing out and getting holes in them. Plus, they're perfect for those with allergies to wool or those who need a sock that is low-dye.


2) They don’t have holes

We all know how annoying it is when our socks have holes, right? With a sock subscription, you don't have to worry about new socks. We offer an assortment of the best men's fashion and novelty socks with colors that are sure to brighten your day and never leave you without someplace to put your feet. Choose from patterns like crazy color dress socks, cool mens socks or funky colorful ankle socks- the possibilities are endless!


3) They are cute

Socks are like the gift that keep on giving. They're fun, low-cost and perfect for any occasion. If you're looking for awesome socks club or sock of the month subscription, check out Sock it to Me! We have funky men's ankle socks and cool crew socks perfect for anyone on your list. Our mens purple ankle socks are especially popular with men who like to break from traditional dress code rules. But don't worry we have them too - in cool colors like mint green and hot pink! And our best sock subscription has packages for every price range: Boho Luxe or Hipster Swag - there's something for everyone on your list this holiday season.


4) They come in different sizes

If you're looking for socks that are the perfect size, color and length, then the best sock of the month club is for you. With seven different sizes to choose from including small, medium and large, you can be sure to find a pair of socks that will fit just right. Plus with their variety of colors and styles you're sure to have some fun dressing up your feet as well as your wardrobe!


5) You can wear them year round, no matter your activity level

If you love socks and are tired of wearing the same ones every day, but don't want to spend $50 on an entire new set, consider getting a sock subscription. Men's colorful socks have all the fun patterns and crazy colors you could ever want - plus they're affordable! There are plenty of great reasons why men's ankle socks should be at the top of your gift list this year. They make for the perfect stocking stuffer or under the tree surprise for any guy in your life. Whether it's your partner, dad, brother or friend, colorful socks will be their favorite gift this season. The best crew socks come with lots of different designs and styles so there is something for everyone to enjoy.


6) No mismatched socks with these

Socks are becoming more and more popular for men, and for good reason. For one thing, they can be used as dress socks, but they also make great statement pieces. With so many colors to choose from it is no wonder that men want them all! One of the best things about this subscription box is that you will never have mismatched socks again because each pair will be carefully matched to coordinate with your other pairs.


7) Tons of options and styles to choose from!

When it comes to the world of socks, there are plenty of options out there. From mens colorful socks and mens ankle socks to fun dress socks and cool socks for men, there's something for everyone! There's nothing better than being able to change up your sock style each day and these gift ideas make it easy to keep your feet happy all year round. Whether you're on the hunt for unique styles or just in need of some new pairs, we've got you covered with our selection of novelty gifts that will have you feeling all warm and fuzzy inside. Check out our sock subscription service today!


8) Gift cards make great presents

Gift cards make great presents, and there is no better time to get one than at the beginning of the year. Whether you are looking for something practical or fun, socks are a great idea because they are always in need. For some people, it might seem ridiculous to give someone socks as a gift card because it doesn't provide anything tangible. However, there is something very special about having your own pair of colourful socks.