Who Needs a Sock Subscription? Get a Sock of the Month Club Instead!


How many pairs of socks do you have in your sock drawer right now? If you aren’t sure, it may be time to consider getting your own sock subscription. If that sounds like something you need in your life, the best way to get started on this type of sock-based lifestyle is to look at one of our sock of the month Clubs from Philosockphy Socks. At Philosockphy, we want you to get an amazing deal on a monthly sock subscription so you can get out of the hamper and onto your feet! So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and sign up now!


Ready, Set, Go

The world has gone sock crazy, and it's time you joined the movement. Philosocks is a sock subscription service that offers up to four pairs of designer socks delivered each month. The selection ranges from wild patterns to polka dots and stripes and even camo socks with rubber soles for those who want something more outdoorsy. Each pair is made from high-quality cotton blend or wool, which means these aren't your typical, low-quality socks from your drawer. You'll always get two dressier pairs for work and weekends paired with two more casual, everyday options like crew socks in fun patterns or crazy color dress socks for days when you want to show off your strong side without wearing shoes.


Know Yourself Section: Are You Getting Enough Variety in Socks?

Too many times men find themselves in a rut with their socks. They wear the same type, color and design every day because it’s easy, but they’re missing out on some awesome socks! We all need to change up our sock selection once in awhile. You can do that by signing up for an awesome sock subscription like Philosocks. Philosocks is different than other sock subscriptions because they offer a monthly club where you get one pair each month. It’s fun to get something new and exciting every month to try on your feet. Plus, you can get different types and colors of cool socks for men that match your personality like funky and colorful ankle socks or crew dress socks.


A Bit About Feet

Socks are an essential part of any outfit, and it can be hard to find the right pair. Besides being fashionable and comfortable, your socks need to match your shoes as well as you outfit. But what if you don't know what style is best for you? This is where Philosocks comes in. Offering styles like crazy striped, cool crew socks, and fun dress socks, they have a sock for every man out there. Best of all, they offer monthly sock subscriptions that make it easy to get just one perfect pair per month--no more guessing or shopping around!


Getting Started Section: Give Yourself Plenty of Time

Whether you're in need of some socks or you know someone who is, it's important to give yourself plenty of time to find the perfect pair. Socks are one size fits all and they come in so many different patterns and colors that it's easy to get overwhelmed. The good news is, we have your back. We've put together this handy guide with our favorite sock subscription companies, plus some tips for those DIY types out there.
#1 Philosockphy - For men looking for a sock club that offers fun socks for men, check out Philosockphy. They have beautiful designs like bright purple and yellow striped socks, navy blue with white stars on them and red ones with cool cheetah spots.


If You Have To Stop After a Few Months, That’s Ok

Socks are notoriously hard to shop for and not every guy knows his size. Plus, many folks just don't have time to go out and buy socks. For those who can't commit to buying socks all year round, Philosockphy offers sock of the month clubs that allow you to sign up for either one-time delivery or monthly deliveries. And if you end up not needing socks after a few months, that's ok too! All Philosockphy subscriptions come with free returns so there's no risk when it comes to gifting these fun men's ankle socks.


Always Treat Yourself With Respect and Enjoy The Journey – Don’t Try To Push Through Pain.

It's important to feel good about yourself and to love who you are. It's not always easy, but it is worth it. You don't need to change anything about yourself or your style in order for other people to accept you for who you are. If people can't get past your appearance, then they're not worth being around anyway. So take time out of your day every now and then to do something that makes you feel good about yourself- whether it's trying on clothes that make you feel beautiful or getting a mani/pedi, do something that will help build up your self-confidence and remind you how awesome you are. There are many ways that we can take care of ourselves and make sure we're feeling our best at all times.