Who Needs a Sock of the Month Subscription?

Who Needs a sock of the month Subscription?

How do you feel about socks? Sure, you need them to keep your feet warm, but beyond that, do they play any other major role in your life? If you’re anything like most people, they don’t – and that’s why sock of the month Club might be right up your alley! If you have trouble finding socks that fit right or keep their shape (or both!), this subscription service will change your life.

Reason #1: The Power of Storytelling

We’re storytellers by nature, and for thousands of years we’ve told stories around fires, over drinks, and on cold winter nights. Stories that teach, stories that instill hope. And it is through storytelling that we craft our identity – what we believe in, how we feel about other people, and most importantly how we view ourselves. Philosockphy believes strongly in telling stories. Their storytelling comes through their monthly sock subscription service. The socks they sell are all based off popular story books that you may have read when you were growing up or even re-read now as an adult! They partner with authors to produce unique designs based off different aspects of each book/story.

Reason #2: Knowing What To Expect

With many sock subscriptions, you can tell right away what kind of socks to expect and how often they’ll be delivered. With some companies, you’ll get something different each month. In both cases, you’ll know well in advance what your needs will be at any given time so that you can plan accordingly. You may want to pick up extras while they’re on sale or stock up when sales are good – whatever fits your own style. Still not convinced sock subscriptions are right for you? Here are 8 more reasons to love them...

Reason #3: Discovering Different Brands and Types

By taking advantage of sock subscriptions, you are given chances to discover new brands and types of socks you might have never thought about trying otherwise. Some special sock-of-the-month clubs will include information on each pair, telling you details such as who made them and what makes them unique. The information is invaluable, especially if you are looking for new products to help make your wardrobe more eclectic. You'll not only find some fantastic socks; you'll also discover great companies that can potentially become long term partners in your growing business. It's great knowing who works hard to create pieces that touch others' lives on a daily basis.

Reason #4: Being Prepared For Change

Most sock subscription services don't require you to commit to buying any certain number of pairs, so you'll never be stuck with having to buy or wear socks that you don't like. Some sock-of-the-month clubs do charge an annual fee, but most are on a month-to-month basis. This means if you don't like your first pair, next month there will be something new for you to try out. No risk involved! If, however, your first pair is really awesome and looks great on your feet and toesies, perhaps even dazzling someone special in your life with their brilliance, then there's no downside because... You only have one pair!

Reason #5: Gifting Options Are Endless

If you’re like me, you have a hard time giving away socks. Philosockphy allows gifting options where recipients can send gift packages to loved ones for any special occasion. That is one simple way to get someone an amazing gift without breaking your bank account. I love being able to give my friends and family great gifts that I know they will use and enjoy! This has been my favorite part about being a member of Philosockphy. It gives me endless amounts of fun options for future gifts – from birthday presents, anniversary presents, Christmas, Valentine’s Day...the list goes on! I really think it comes down to great socks + extraordinary service = amazing gift ideas. Every month brings something new, exciting and quality!

Reason #6: A Fun Way to Showcase Your Style

Many sock-of-the-month clubs, like Philosockphy Club, offer you to choose your style for each month's shipment. Whether it’s bold colors or fun patterns that showcase your personality, having fun with socks is a great way to get creative and show off your style!

Reason #7: No Risk, No Cost Commitment

If you are looking for just one pair of quality socks, then it might not be worth joining. However, if you’re looking to get a variety of colors and types (dressy or casual), then sock subscriptions could be perfect for you. You can try out several pairs for no cost or risk; if you don’t like them or want more, then stop your subscription!

Reason #8: Quality Over Quantity

Many sock subscription services focus on quantity over quality. They try to get you to purchase several pairs that you don't need, rather than high-quality socks that will last for years. [INSERT PROMO CODES] provides one pair per month, made out of high-quality material that fits like it was made just for you. Don't waste your money on cheap materials and frequent replacements; let us provide you with well-made socks at an affordable price instead. You'll be glad you did! [INSERT PROMO CODES] guarantees each pair so if they fall apart after a year, we'll replace them with no questions asked. No other sock company can make such a promise!