Who Needs a Sock of the Month Subscription?

Who Needs a sock of the month Subscription?

If you love to wear socks, you’re going to love sock of the month subscriptions. Each month, these companies send you several pairs of designer socks that you’ll love and be proud to wear out in public! Not only do you get new socks every month, but there are lots of special features that make these subscriptions even more fun and exciting than just having new socks in the mail every month. To find out all about the different types of sock subscriptions, keep reading this article!

The 5 Different Types of Men's Socks

Socks come in all shapes and sizes, so it’s easy to fall in love with a pair of colorful striped socks. Though they look great, you don’t want to overlook all their various options. For example, there are five different types of men's socks: dress, casual, athletic, hiking/outdoor and wool. Here's an overview of each one

The Most Expensive Ones (The $100+ Collection)

You need to be earning in seven figures if you want to shell out $100+ for an individual pair of socks. But these luxury pairs are worth it if you can afford them, featuring cashmere blends and high-end embellishments like Swarovski crystals or houndstooth patterns. Designer sock brands that can fit into your budget at up to $200 per pair include cashmere from Turnbull & Asser ($150), Alain Bastiani ($145) and Falke ($140). For men with more dough, try Fendi’s limited edition Techno Socks designed by none other than Karl Lagerfeld ($400 each).

The Most Innovative Ones (The Smartwool Collection)

Smartwool has been around for over twenty years, and their dedication to creating high-quality, super comfortable socks shows. All of their socks are made from yarns that can be found in nature (so there’s no spandex or nylon). You’ll never find anything but natural fibres in Smartwool socks. They also have one of most fun sock subscription services out there. Their sock of the month service is perfect for people who want to try different sock types, like thicker hiking socks or moisture-wicking athletic ones.

The Most Fun (Silly & Novelty) Ones (The Deodorizer Collection)

If you’re having trouble with getting rid of lingering smells in your shoes or other types of clothing, these deodorizer socks will help to quickly remove bad odors from your foot odor before they spread. The reason that different types of socks are helpful for smelly feet is because each sock is made up of different fibers. For example, some socks are made out of nylon and others are cotton-based. Each fiber serves a unique purpose and has its own unique effects on certain smells.

The Prettiest Ones (The Designer Collection)

There’s nothing wrong with plain socks (okay, maybe there is). But if you’re like us, and you love to brighten up your day with something pretty, then designer socks are for you. Want even more options? Try dress sock subscriptions that offer accessories for both your feet and hands.

The Handmade Ones (the Luxury Collection)

Handmade socks are usually luxurious. They can be made from pure cashmere or silk and are often thicker than other kinds of socks. Lately, they’ve become popular among sock aficionados who want that I-can’t-tell-where-my-feet-end look! These luxe pairs are great for dressing up your favorite shoes, but some even prefer to wear them with sneakers to make their feet feel extra cozy on cold days. One handmade pair could last you years if you take care of it correctly! For starters, don’t ever put them in a washer; always hand wash them and lay flat to dry. If you follow these rules, your pair should last indefinitely!