Who Knew There were so Many Subscription Options for Socks?

Who Knew There were so Many Subscription Options for Socks?

How many of you out there have at least one sock subscription? I’m not talking about some silly sock of the month club or something that comes in the mail once a year, but something that you’re actually signed up for and getting delivered regularly to your house. If this sounds like you, then you’re in good company! It turns out that over 70% of people around the world have sock subscriptions in some form or another. But, who knew there were so many different companies, products, and styles all competing to win our socks-loving hearts?

WTF - Why socks?

A subscription to a monthly sock of choice is one gift that keeps on giving. This can be an excellent way to engage your sock-loving male, or it can work well as a personalized gift for any man in your life. What better way to say you care about someone than by allowing them to choose their own socks every month! From kooky to cool, Amazon offers many unique sock subscriptions that are sure to delight even your pickiest sock fanatic. Try our favorite men’s shoe sock subscription below and see how easy gifting can be!

What Makes a Great Pair of Socks

It’s hard to find socks that are cute and fun, but also high quality and comfortable. Who knew there were so many choices out there?! Here’s a list of socks that might be just what you’re looking for. Get some colorful undies from Philosockphy! They even have glow in the dark styles, if that’s your thing. Or get a sock subscription service, like sock of the month, whose socks are crafted by artisans in Peru. Keep those toes happy!

Where to Buy Amazingly Comfortable Socks

Philosockphy is a perfect description of how socks make you feel, and different socks appeal to different people. If you want your next pair of socks to be high-quality with a low environmental impact, consider WellSox by Darn Tough. The Vermont-based company prides itself on making quality socks that are built to last. In addition, WellSox donates 10% of profits from sock sales and $1 per pair purchased to WaterAid, an organization that helps people access clean water supplies. For more colorful socks with a fun twist, try out monthly sock subscriptions like Stance or Bombas.

Which is Better: Subscriptions or Single Purchases

When it comes to buying socks, you have some options. The first is to purchase one pair at a time, as you need them. This is convenient but expensive over time. The second option is to subscribe to a sock of the month club and get a new pair delivered each month. This isn't as convenient because they may not always fit your style (some clubs will let you swap out pairs, though), but it can save money over time. Finally, if you find that socks are an integral part of your wardrobe or lifestyle (you wear hiking boots every day), there are sock subscriptions that deliver several pairs at once—which is convenient and helps stretch out your budget further by taking advantage of bulk-buying discounts.

How Much Money Do You Save With a Monthly Box

The average person goes through over 6 pairs of socks a month. That's a lot of socks! A sock of the month subscription saves you over 20% per sock, which could save you hundreds of dollars each year. Choose a service that suits your needs and save money by not running to stores every time your feet need some comfort.

The Philosophy of Soecks

Philosockphy, n. a love of socks; a longing to wear them, sometimes to an extreme degree.