Who Knew There were so Many Subscription Options for Socks?

Who Knew There were so Many Subscription Options for Socks?

Some people swear that they cannot get out of bed in the morning without first putting on their socks; others say they only own one pair and that’s it! Either way, socks are an important part of most people’s lives and something not many people really think about too much. But we’re here to change that! Read on for 13 random, fun, and useless facts about socks that will fascinate even the non-sock aficionados among us!

What's the fascination with subscription boxes?

I couldn’t understand it at first, but my brother told me it was part of a larger phenomenon called Philosockphy. Philo meaning love or love of socks and sockphy meaning obsession with sock. I guess that makes sense, because you can find new socks pretty much anywhere now—but you may want to consider whether or not socks subscription services are worth it. Personally, I think $25-$30 is a bit high for one pair of socks, so I use an alternative service called Uncommon Goods where you can get 3 pairs of high-quality socks starting at only $11 per month!

The Fascinating History of Sock Subscriptions

Most people think of sock subscriptions as a relatively new phenomenon, but it’s actually been around for centuries. Back in 1533, King Henry VIII gifted his wife Anne Boleyn socks from her own personal subscription service (and then she was beheaded). Other noteworthy figures who subscribed to their own sock-of-the-month club include Queen Victoria and US President Lincoln. The concept continued to gain popularity throughout American history, peaking during WWII, when socks were in short supply. Today, there are hundreds of sock subscription services out there: some themed and some based on fit. Some even have special subscriptions just for kids!

Are They Just Another Snack Box Tactic?

If you’re wondering what in socks you need a subscription service for, wonder no more. Philosockphy's Philosockphy.com/collections/socks-club">sock of the month is designed to be sent out monthly and each sock comes packed with novelty, souvenirs, surprises and treats. Sign up for socks every month and receive an incredible package filled with carefully curated travel-inspired treats from across America!

A Review of Some of the Coolest Subscription Boxes

Let’s face it, socks are like underwear: Even when we pay extra for them to be in fashion, colorful, or comfortable, they can still be totally boring. Luckily, there’s a sock subscription box service out there to put a little pep into your everyday footwear. Here’s a list of subscription services that will add more fun to your feet with each and every wear. Find out what people say about them!

What are Philosockphy and Philosockphy.com/collections/socks-club">sock of the month?

Philosockphy is a sock subscription service that delivers 12 pairs of socks to your door every month. We have no idea how they do it, but they don’t use any machines and never seem to run out of stock. They say they don’t use machines because each pair of socks is unique and hand made to order, although we've heard rumors about them hiring ninjas. Our socks are also featured in our monthly Philosockphy.com/collections/socks-club">sock of the month club: we send you one randomly selected pair in a sweet box.

How Can I Choose a Great Pair of New Socks?

When you have socks coming to your house on a regular basis, you're bound to get stuck with a few pairs that are no good. Luckily, these subscription services make it easy to exchange them and get something new and unique instead. Here are three awesome options that will help you find great new socks in style! They've also got different price points so they're great options for just about anyone. The best part is, once you've gotten used to having a fun pair of socks in your mailbox every month, it's hard to go back to boring old packs at the department store...we all know how amazing it feels when something new shows up in our mailboxes! Isn't life grand?

How do you store your sock collection?

Whether it’s a dresser drawer, Philosockphy.com/collections/socks-club">sock of the month club, or pair by pair in sock bags and matching hangers, there are many ways to store your collection. If you’re looking to organize your socks into categories, look at grouping them by color or material first. Maybe that means all plain white socks go in one drawer while colored stripes live in another. Maybe you put ankle socks on a different shelf than knee-highs, which go with tights on a different shelf than leggings or swimsuit cover-ups. If you have extra room, consider stacking socks vertically instead of horizontally – it takes up less space and makes them easier to find without having to toss piles around all day long.