Who Doesn't Love a New Pair of Socks?

Who Doesn't Love a New Pair of Socks?

Sock subscriptions are exactly what they sound like: Every month, you receive a new pair of socks in the mail! It’s the gift that keeps on giving - well, depending on your size! If you have small feet and tend to wear socks that don’t get too worn out, sock subscriptions can be great value and really fun to look forward to every month! However, if you have large feet and tend to wear socks more than once or twice before replacing them, sock subscriptions may not be worth the cost.

What kind of socks should you get

There are four primary categories of socks—dress, athletic, casual and hosiery. Each one has its own niche market and serves a particular function in your wardrobe. To determine which ones you need, look at your existing collection; if you have multiple pairs in each category, that’s fine. Just keep them organized by category so it’s easy to find just what you need when you need it! Next time you're looking for socks to buy, consider these tips

How do they pick the pairs

A sock subscription service is an easy and affordable way to give your feet a treat. They help you brighten up your mornings by providing you with new pairs on specific days during each month. Here at sock of the month, we pick our socks based on colour palette, so that you have one pair for every day! For example, yellow socks would go great with light brown shoes and could easily be paired with a suit in blue or white. We encourage our subscribers to use all parts of their wardrobe by finding that perfect balance between pattern, colour and texture. Subscribing will introduce you to some really cool designers from around the world like Comrade & Bears who design fantastic cartoon inspired prints that never fail to put smiles on our faces when we see them come through our door!

What if I don’t like my socks

We ensure you love your new socks! In fact, we’re so confident you’ll love them that we offer a 30-day no-questions-asked guarantee. If you don’t like your first pair, just send them back for a different style or colour. It's all part of our aim to make sure that whenever one pair comes to an end, there’s another one already on its way to replace it - making sure there are always plenty of colours in your sock drawer! Our socks are also guaranteed not to loose their elasticity and we use only 100% cotton yarn which means they breathe well and retain their shape wash after wash.

How much does it cost

For $20, you'll get one pair of socks delivered to your door each month. If you're feeling especially generous, each pair comes with an optional charitable donation (to a cause or organization of your choice). Like you needed another reason to buy new socks! (Note: we have five original designs to choose from and will regularly add new ones as they become available.)

Do I have to wear them at all times

You know, I’ve never really thought about it. I suppose they aren’t super uncomfortable, so you could always wear them if you want to. I can’t promise they won’t get in your way every once in awhile, but it wouldn’t be that big of an issue. They are pretty nice, after all! Oh, and just for some advice: don’t wear socks with sandals or open-toed shoes; it looks pretty weird. Other than that though, go nuts!

Why am I still thinking about this

The average American discards six pounds of clothing and other textiles every year. Our old clothes often wind up in landfills where they can take up to 1,000 years to decompose. According to Robert Redford’s nonprofit advocacy group, Worn Wear, only 5 percent of unwanted textiles collected from households in America are recycled into new products. That’s a lot of potential socks! With so many clothing-centered subscription services popping up these days (like Birchbox for makeup and Stitch Fix for wardrobe updates), it was only a matter of time before one came along for socks—and when I found out about Sock Club I knew exactly what my next review would be.