Which Sock Will You Choose?

Which Sock Will You Choose?

You can never have too many socks in your drawer, but with so many options available to you, how do you pick the right pair? You’re not alone in this challenge – countless men and women struggle to find that perfect pair of socks to wear, whether they’re dressing up or just looking to relax at home. But don’t worry, we’ve got your back! This guide explains the different kinds of socks available and breaks down the best sock subscription services on the market so you can get comfortable faster and enjoy your time more.

12 Reasons to Fall in Love with Socks

So you know socks are an absolute necessity—but beyond that, are they a window into your personality? What does your sock of choice say about you? Because if it doesn’t scream anything deep and meaningful, we’re going to have to judge you. Don’t worry, though; we won’t out you to anyone. It may be too late for that already... but check out these reasons why socks make great gifts, what socks mean in pop culture, and how to find your favorite sock subscriptions! From here on out, no one can accuse you of wearing just any old socks. And if they do—well, at least they'll be awesome socks. A good place to start is by learning which types of people wear cool socks!

The Best Subscription Boxes for Socks

Finding socks can be a struggle; but if you’re looking for a subscription box that offers an array of options and brands, Stance is your sock. Their sock of the month program features a different pair of socks every month (and they’re also available in stores), making it easier to get your fix. Another great option is Bombas, which offers three types of subscription boxes: one that features a pair of socks each month, one where you receive two pairs per month and one where you receive four pairs per month.

5 Must-Have cool socks Brands

Many of us are still holding on to our old high school foot apparel, opting for black or white athletic socks (even in our business wear) for fear of standing out. But that time has passed, and now we have a plethora of options—so many, in fact, that it can be hard to make a decision. To help you make your own choice, these are five companies worth checking out if you’re looking for cool socks. If you're still searching - rest assured we'll be back soon with more in-depth reviews!

A Guide on How to Wear Different Types of cool socks

Wearing socks doesn’t have to be boring and bland. A nice pair of socks can do wonders for your overall look and one way to start playing around with sock options is to think about combining different types of socks. One of my favorite ways to play around with socks is by wearing a pair that matches or complements my outfit. For example, if I’m wearing a solid tie, I like to wear patterned socks. If I’m wearing a plaid or checkered shirt, I like to go for something in solid colors – or white.

10 Ways to Style your New Cool Collection

If you’re just starting your sock collection, it can be hard to figure out what to wear with what. To keep your new cool socks from being wasted, here are 10 great ideas on how to style your new collection. #1 - Spice up your everyday basics: for days when you need to look a little more put together and professional but don’t want to go all out, try wearing basic black slacks or denim jeans with one of our fun printed pairs of socks. #2 - Matchy matchy: when trying to impress someone, nothing can make you stand out like some matching accessories. If you really like their shoes or bag, match them up!