Which Sock Subscription to Give the Guy in Your Life

Which Sock Subscription to Give the Guy in Your Life

sock of the month Clubs are the best gifts you can give to the men in your life, but finding the right one can be tricky. The sock subscriptions on the market today range in price, so it’s important to find a service that both fits your budget and meets your expectations. To make things easier, this guide compares two of the most popular sock subscription services out there, including Philosockphy vs sock of the month Club, to help you find the best one to give this holiday season.

sock of the month Options

If you’re looking for a fun and unique gift, consider a sock subscription. There are several companies that offer monthly sock subscriptions for guys. These aren’t just plain socks—they come with unique, funny sayings or designs on them. For example, there is ZingZillas: a sock of the month club that delivers high-quality socks to your door every month. Their motto is socks aren’t just socks anymore; they’re art! They provide classic men's dress socks but add a special touch by inserting witty phrases into each pair of socks at no extra cost. Plus, there are all kinds of color options available including camouflage and argyle print socks too!

5 Ways A Socks Subscription Will Improve His Life

Gift him a sock subscription. He’ll love it. No, really—we promise. Men care about how they look and how their clothes fit, but as far as underwear goes, that all depends on his style. Maybe he’s a boxer guy (which is totally cool), or maybe he prefers briefs or tighty-whities. And if you want to be sure you give him something with lasting power (it is your first Christmas together after all), we suggest going with a socks subscription from Philosocksophy . Every month for three months (or longer if you choose) you’ll get an awesome new pair of socks delivered right to his door!

Philosophy Behind Socks Of The Month Clubs

Every guy has a different approach when it comes to style, and maybe your special guy just doesn’t seem interested in fashion or looking good. But there’s no denying that getting dressed every day is part of being a man. Giving him a subscription to a sock of the month club is one way to make sure he looks as sharp as he can without putting any effort into it. Once you get him hooked on new socks, his dressing game will only continue improving on its own.

Why We Love Our First Socks Choice So Much

No matter what you love, life can be a little crazy at times and maybe it’s not always easy to put your heart into everything you do. But when we started Philosockphy, one thing we knew was that our socks had to bring out our philosophy. They had to speak for us, and make us feel more alive. That’s why Philosocks is just so good at uniting people with great sock designs: it shows them our soul through socks. Our style has been called intellectual because of how deeply its philosophies are integrated into every design and how every pair of socks exudes its owner's personality. We believe that being different should never be seen as being wrong; instead it should be encouraged!

Philosocksphy Guide To Great Gifts

It's almost December, which means it's time for holiday shopping. If you're like most men, your list is pretty simple: socks and underwear. Fortunately, there are some great online services that can deliver these items right to your door—and make getting dressed a little more fun. The best part?