Which Sock Subscription to Give the Guy in Your Life

Which Sock Subscription to Give the Guy in Your Life

It’s almost the end of the year, and you’re thinking about gift ideas. Perhaps your brother has made an off-hand comment about how he needs new socks, or you found some great socks at the mall that your boyfriend would love to have. Whatever the case may be, if you’re looking for a fun (and useful!) gift idea that your recipient will look forward to every month, consider signing him up for a sock subscription box. Sock subscriptions can include as few as three pairs of socks or as many as twelve pairs—the choice is up to you!

Do Men Care About Awesome Socks?

Men like socks. That’s a fact. They’re practically a staple of every man’s wardrobe, which makes them a great gift for birthdays and holidays—or just because he needs new socks. However, if you were about to get your boyfriend or husband a subscription for socks (like His & Hers sock of the month), there are certain things you should know about how men feel about their socks before you buy it. He might love them...but then again, he might not be crazy about receiving socks in general as presents.

Why get him a sock subscription?

In 2017, we surveyed our members to learn their sock preferences. We found that 30% of them have a more important sock preference than most and 10% consider socks their #1 priority for gifting purposes. We also learned that socks are worn daily by half of our members. This all adds up to a lot of guys out there who would appreciate another pair or two throughout each month! If you know any men like that, check out our sock of the month Club page and pick out a sock subscription they’ll love! If you’re still not sure what type he’d prefer, click here to read more about our survey results.

The best gift for him

The gift of socks isn’t necessarily strange, but it certainly doesn’t scream romance. The experts at eHarmony say that one of their most popular gifts for men is a sock subscription. What guy wouldn’t want to get socks for every month for three years? Guys love gifts like that, especially if you personalize it and make it special with a gift certificate or basket. It can be hard to know where to start when you want to give a meaningful gift, so how about with socks?

How often should I buy my man new socks?

You don’t have to buy him new socks every month—he probably wouldn’t appreciate it if you did. Instead, purchase a sock of the month club. With these clubs, you usually buy one sock per month and they either add up or they come in pairs. There are some sites where you can choose what kind of socks he likes best and there are others that have pre-selected subscriptions based on specific types of socks (no show socks for summer, for example). If he wears lots of athletic shoes (and hasn’t made a switch to minimalist running shoes), opt for no-show socks that help keep his feet dry without adding extra weight or bulk. And speaking from experience here: it’s important to get him lots of different colors!

How many pairs should I get him at once?

If your man likes a variety of socks, definitely go for more than one pair at a time. He’ll appreciate having plenty of options so he can switch it up every day. But, if he wears basic black work socks and brown hiking socks, don’t feel like you need to get him four pairs right away. That might be overkill and won’t get worn anyway! The most important thing is that he likes his gift and wears them regularly. Just go with what makes sense for you both!

Is there more than one kind of guy in your life?

There’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all guy, but what you can do is find out if he’s into socks and subscribe accordingly. Signing up for a sock of the month club means you could be giving him one pair or several pairs depending on how fancy he is with his duds. While some guys may have an affinity for wearing funky socks, others like them plain and white. Think about it — you wouldn’t want to give him something that might clash with his collection of shoes, right? Here are three of our favorite sock subscription services

What if he’s younger than 18 or older than 65?

First, keep your giftee's specific age and interests in mind. Is he a college student or an elderly retiree? If you can figure out what his hobbies are and how old he is, you’ll be able to find a subscription that will best fit him. If his interests are hard to pinpoint—for example, he collects classic books—you can always go with a general sock subscription (they even have funny socks!). You can also send some cash instead of buying him socks. He might appreciate being able to pick out what style of socks he wants for himself! The important thing is that you make sure it’s clear your gift will be coming from you as a gift, not from an anonymous source at work.