Which Sock Subscription is Right for You?

Which Sock Subscription is Right for You?

The sock subscription box trend has taken off in recent years, and it shows no signs of slowing down any time soon. There are many boxes on the market that promise all sorts of different features, from materials to designs to comfort levels and beyond. In this article, we’ll go over some of the most popular options out there and help you find the best sock subscription for your needs!

The 6 Best Men's Subscriptions

In addition to your standard sock subscription, there are also sock-of-the-month clubs that cater specifically to men. There are several niche groups of socks you can choose from depending on your specific preferences. For example, if you like a little bit of color with your socks but aren’t ready to go full on neon, a fun or sporty themed pair may be right up your alley. If you love animals or sports teams, themed socks that capture their likenesses are another option worth considering. Finally, guys who travel for work or live in cold weather climates will probably want a more utilitarian choice like thick woolen socks that can keep their feet warm.

The 3 Best Women's Subscriptions

Philosophie (ages 35+) - Perhaps you’re a long-time subscriber to another sock subscription that no longer holds your interest, or perhaps you just haven’t tried any subscriptions yet. Philosophie offers 7 pairs of socks for $24/month, but you don’t need to commit to a subscription. Instead, you can purchase socks of the month at a reduced rate (usually 50% off). It also has an online shop where individual pair are available on sale as well as previous releases and fun printed socks—and each purchase benefits small businesses in NYC.

Philosocphy - you only need one pair of socks, so get them delivered monthly

This is a great gift for anybody who loves socks but does not love having to go to their sock drawer and pick out their next pair. With Philosocphy, you get a new unique pair of socks every month in your favorite color and style. Plus, they are delivered right to your door, saving you time! Who doesn’t like saving time, especially when it comes to finding socks? The best part about Philosocphy is that it works with your preferences – so whether you prefer wide leg pants or plain ol’ ankle socks – they have an option perfect for you. And unlike some other subscription services, if one month they send out pink polka dot socks and you don’t like them, that’s okay!

Great socks make any outfit better

They complete an outfit and are a definite improvement over boring footwear. And who wouldn’t want that? So if you haven’t tried out socks of the month subscription boxes, then we’re about to blow your mind: There are all kinds of great sock subscriptions out there! If you have a thing for comfortable socks, stylish socks or even something offbeat like mismatched socks, there's sure to be a box perfect for you. In fact, there are eight different types of sock subscription boxes that might interest you. Read on to find out more about each type and which would be right for you.

What makes a great subscription box?

This one may be a bit trickier to define, but ultimately, a great subscription box will give you both tangible and memorable products. What does that mean? If you’re subscribing to a sock of the month club, it’s helpful if not all of your socks match (so you can wear them together). If you subscribe to a science-themed subscription box, it’s helpful if they send out fun science facts or activities along with their gifts so that kids can develop an interest in science and Philosockphy! It also helps if they send extra items as well (like stickers or cute temporary tattoos).

5 Tips For Finding A Quality Sock Subscription

What's important to you in a sock subscription service? Great designs, interesting textures and colors, eco-friendliness of materials used? No matter what your priorities are, finding a quality sock subscription box service can be challenging. Here are some things to keep in mind as you find your perfect match: 1. The socks feel good on your feet - This should go without saying (pun intended), but if they don't feel good when you wear them, they're not going to last long. 2.