Which Sock Subscription Is Best For You?

What would you do with 12 pairs of socks each month? You’d wear all 12 at once, right? Not if you have cold feet. When it comes to socks, you want to be warm and comfortable, so it makes sense to subscribe to one of the many sock subscription services that help you do just that! But which service should you choose? Do they all send cool socks or are there differences in what they provide? There are quite a few sock subscription services out there, so let’s break them down so you can determine which one is best for you and your feet!

cool socks can make your outfit look better
cool socks don’t have to be plain, boring, or expensive. Companies like Bombas sell some really cool looking socks in fun colors and patterns for as little as $10 a pair. I think it’s silly to pay more than that for socks. My personal favorite are their sock of the month subscriptions! And it gets better! If you act now, you can get 2 pairs of cool socks for only $9 + free shipping and handling - a limited time offer. The socks ship directly to your door every month so you always have something fresh to wear with all your outfits. How’s that for some cool socks? Shipping is FREE both ways which means if you want new socks or want a different color, just send back the ones from last month using their pre-paid label and they'll send out your next months sock subscription without charge. What's not to love? It's cold feet season so take care of those toes by getting yourself a pair or two of 'cool socks' today. Treat yourself. You deserve it!

How to choose the right sock subscription
There are a number of sock subscription services out there for you to choose from, but only one is right for you. So what should you be looking for in a sock of the month club? Here are a few tips on how to get it just right. I love getting mail: I like having a new package show up at my door each month and knowing that there will be something fun inside. I also like being surprised by what kind of socks I receive as well—there’s nothing more disappointing than signing up for your sock of the month club and receiving an ugly pair every time! Investing some money into a subscription service is worth it if it means you don’t have to buy socks anymore. Quality over quantity: Just because a company has a really good sock of the month plan doesn’t mean they necessarily make good socks. Make sure you look into reviews of different companies before choosing who to go with so that you can make sure their products won’t fall apart after one wear. If you’re not using it, cancel it: If your sock subscription ends up not meeting your needs or expectations (or simply isn’t very good), make sure you can easily cancel without hassle! It shouldn’t take too much work to do away with something that isn’t working for you. Keep yourself warm: While winterizing may seem daunting, there are ways to stay warm without freezing through sub-zero temperatures.

When do sock subscriptions ship?
The majority of sock subscriptions ship once a month. However, some sock subscriptions ship twice a month or quarterly, which may be more suitable for those who need their socks now. Look at your needs before signing up to ensure you aren’t paying for socks you won’t receive on time. How many pairs do sock subscriptions typically include?: It can vary quite a bit. Some sock subscriptions will offer two pairs each month, while others offer six pairs every three months. Consider how many socks you actually wear in order to determine how many subscription pairs you’ll need in total—and find out if they have a payment plan that works with your budget. Do sock subscriptions provide men’s and women’s socks?: Many sock subscription services focus on one gender. If you are looking for a service that ships both types of socks, look at reviews carefully and pay attention to whether subscribers are generally satisfied with both styles. Can I choose what brands/styles of socks I want in my subscription?: Not usually; most subscribers get whatever is available that month based on pre-selected preferences regarding height and width. There may be an option to skip certain socks if you don’t like them, but it isn’t guaranteed. What happens when I’ve worn through all my socks?: Most sock subscriptions offer an easy way to request new socks. Simply send an email or make a call (as directed) and let them know you need additional pairs ASAP! Some people worry about waiting around after they’ve worn through all their initial pairs—but trust us: there are plenty of subscribers ahead of you.

Are all brands included in sock subscriptions
No. Most companies that sell sock subscriptions will allow you to choose a couple of brands that you like, but they will send you whatever is available in your size at that time. If it’s important for you to have a specific brand and type of sock, check with each company to see if they allow brand requests or what’s available in your size before committing to a subscription. Otherwise, look for companies that provide you with an assortment of socks from a variety of different brands. This way, you can find out which ones are best suited to your feet without locking yourself into anything long-term. There’s no sense in paying more money just to get something you know you won’t like. # Of pairs of socks in a subscription: A sock subscription isn’t going to replace all of your socks, but it could help minimize how often you run out.

What are some other types of subscription boxes?
Aside from sock of the month, there are a lot of other subscription boxes out there. If you love wine, try a wine subscription box like Vinebox or Club W. If your into art or collectibles, check out an artsy one like CrateJoy. There are even pet subscription boxes for our furry friends! With so many options it’s worth taking a look around and seeing what’s out there. We’ve listed some of our favorites below to help get you started. But remember to ask yourself if it makes sense with your business idea before signing up! Could people reasonably think that you’re sending these items (or similar items) directly to them as a gift? Could they reasonably think that your company is affiliated with any of these companies/brands/products?

Can I cancel my sock subscription whenever I want to?
All of these sock subscriptions are month-to-month; meaning you can cancel whenever you want to.