Which Material Is Best For Socks?

Which Material Is Best For Socks?

Do you have those days when you realize your socks have gone missing or have holes in them? Let sock of the month Club be your solution! It’s like having sock insurance! Each month you receive an expertly curated pair of designer socks based on your preferences and needs, giving you the chance to try out different brands and types of socks in order to find which material is best for socks – cotton, new wool or cashmere.

New Wool

Wool socks feel great, but they wear out fast. A cashmere sock would be perfect, but most people can’t afford it. What if you want a sock that looks like cashmere and feels like wool? Philosockphy is here to help with their new socks subscriptions service (aka sock of the month Club). This monthly membership includes 3 pairs of wool-cashmere socks for $29 per month ($7.33 per pair) plus shipping costs. Shipping is free for members in Europe and Canada, but will be subject to an additional cost for members in Asia, Australia or New Zealand. Shipping costs are based on average country rates from DHL/UPS.

To Subscription or Not to Subscription

Philosockphy or socks, some people prefer to do their own thing and go sockless. But when you’re subscribed to a sock of the month club, or if you want to incorporate more hosiery into your wardrobe and are looking for a specific material, then it’s worth weighing in on which material is best for socks.

Where to Buy Online

You can’t beat subscription services for convenience. If you need new socks on a regular basis, there are plenty of services to help. Philosockphy is an interesting take on sock subscriptions that allows you to order from a number of different sock companies and send pairs in various sizes (in case you want two different styles) at set intervals based off your preferences. Philosockphy says it even tracks where your feet swell each day so it can schedule your sock deliveries at optimal times. The company also offers a one-time purchase option and will wash and re-send unopened pairs if they don’t fit right out of the box.

sock of the month Clubs to Consider

If you’re interested in checking out sock subscriptions, here are a few companies to consider: Club Sock, Wool and Prince and Happy Toes. All three of these companies offer socks made from different materials—wool, cashmere and cotton/nylon blends. Prices start at around $15 per month, but it can get pricier depending on what type of socks you want. Most subscriptions are based off of a quarterly schedule (3 months), but some last up to 12 months at a time. Remember that if you want your own sock drawer rather than new pairs sent each month, you'll need to factor in buying new socks on top of your subscription cost. Are subscriptions worth it?