Which Material is Best for Socks?

How would you like to receive a new pair of socks every month? Sounds pretty awesome, right? It's even better when the socks are as cool as your favorite pair of sneakers. Check out these sock subscriptions that are perfect if you're on the hunt for stylish socks.

What are the Benefits of Owning a Pair of cool socks Every Month?
Who doesn’t like getting cool things in their mailbox every month? Getting cool socks delivered to your home regularly may seem like a dream come true, but it can be. At least that’s what a new trend in America called sock of the month clubs would have you believe. Whether you want to dress up an outfit with a creative pair of socks or treat yourself to a gift, sock of the month clubs are not just about style. Read on to find out why. (E6353) by mmmtrendnews
by My Trending News - Published November 10, 2016 (E6353) by mmmtrendnews - Published November 10, 2016
by Kyle Hanagami - Published June 30, 2017 (E6353) by Kyle Hanagami - Published June 30, 2017 What are sock of the month clubs and how to get them in Canada. If you like getting cool things every month then join one of these sock of the month club. It's like a men's sock of underwear subscription club but... it's socks! Yes please! Check out our huge list of sock of the month club reviews and start your free sock trial today!
5 Great Reasons to Own A Pair Of cool socks Every Month And They're Not Just About Style: Everyone likes owning something that no one else has or can own. At least, that’s why some people collect items such as shoes or socks.

Reasons Why You Should Wear Cashmere Socks
1. They’re amazingly comfortable. There’s a reason that luxury hotels give out cashmere socks to their guests every year at Christmas—they’re super-soft and make you feel like you’re walking on clouds! It doesn’t matter if they cost $10 or $100; when it comes to comfort, cashmere is king. 2. They have wonderful texture. Cashmere socks are smooth but not so slick that they slide off your heel (hello, blisters!) The thickness of these socks also means that they keep your feet warm without making them sweat. 3. You can wear them all year round: Nobody likes cold toes in winter or sweaty feet in summer—but that’s exactly what happens with cotton socks (especially cheap ones). Cashmere socks, on the other hand, work well no matter what season it is! 4. You get excellent value from cashmere socks. Do you know how long a pair of high-quality wool socks will last? Years! Maybe even decades if you take care of them properly. That’s why we recommend splurging on one high-quality pair over stocking up on cheap socks from discount stores. When you’re investing in items that sit against your skin all day, quality really matters—and nobody knows quality like cashmere. 5. They don’t just look good; they smell good too! Who wants bad-smelling socks? And who wants to be known as that person who never washes his or her socks?

Why Are Woolen Socks So Versatile?
Not only do woolen socks provide added warmth, but they’re also highly breathable and quick to dry. This makes them ideal not just during colder months, but in climates that experience a lot of humidity and rain. These socks work well with almost any style of shoe—and make particularly great companions to running shoes. These are all great reasons why wool socks are such popular choices. But most importantly, they’re comfortable. Wool fibers have unique curling qualities which help them retain warmth without sacrificing comfort, making wool socks very soft on your feet while still adding an extra layer of protection against blisters and calluses. And unlike cotton socks, which can sometimes shrink or stretch out over time (especially if you wash them too often), these materials maintain their shape regardless of how many times you wear or wash them! With The Sock Drawer’s subscription service, you don’t have to worry about remembering when to buy new socks – we handle everything from choosing styles to sending them straight to your door. All you need to do is decide which pair(s) you want us to send next. Then sit back and relax, because before long a pair of our luxury socks will be at your doorstep. For now, take a look at some of our favorite types below: Dress/Casual/Smart Pair: Dress socks aren’t always easy to find – especially if you’re looking for something different than basic black dress socks . Thankfully, The Sock Drawer has plenty of options beyond standard solid-colored dress socks.

The Ultimate List of Cool (and Comfortable) Unisex Winter Sock Brands
Let’s discuss socks: what are they, where do they come from, and most importantly, which brand will you wear when your feet start to freeze outside in winter? If you don’t already have an answer to these questions, I’ve done some research on sock materials and their quality so that you can make an informed decision. Here are my top recommendations based on price, function, fit and value. Happy socks shopping! **This post contains affiliate links; if you purchase products through these links I may receive a small commission (at no additional cost to you). To read my full disclosure policy, click here.**
Komfort Kollar Wool Dress Boot Socks – Boxer Wool Blend Sock: Made of 58% wool and 42% acrylic, Komfort Kollar Wool Dress Boot socks offer durability while still being soft against your skin. Although these socks are on the pricier side (especially if you’re buying online), a pair will last up to 6 months if properly cared for. **Note: Washing these socks in hot water will result in holes forming on them very quickly, so I recommend you do not wash them above 40 degrees Celsius. ** These socks also come in a variety of colors including navy blue, gray, black and burgundy. Feetures Elite Merino Wool Light Cushion No Show Tab Socks – Merino Wool/Nylon Blended Sock: This sock provides excellent comfort with its performance-driven design; it conforms well to your foot shape with its strategically placed cushioned zones that absorb shock from impact during running or other high-impact activities.