What's Your Sock Philosophy?

What's Your Sock Philosophy?

Have you ever thought about the sock of the month club? Before you snicker and move on, I’d like to convince you that it might be the best idea you’ve ever had. In fact, if you’re at all interested in socks, this could be one of the best things to happen to your collection of foot apparel.

Do you have a sock philosophy?

Socks are a really big deal to me, says Kristi Guider, co-founder of Philosopher Socks. Everyone has a favorite pair of socks. It is something that you never throw away because they mean so much to you. Everyone can get behind that statement, right? These socks are just one of many reasons why sock subscriptions have become so popular recently - if you haven't yet heard about sock subscription services, read on. Below we've answered some frequently asked questions about these services and given some tips on how to choose a great sock subscription box for your lifestyle!

The importance of having socks

A sock subscription service is a great way to add some pep in your step each month. As philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche once said, Sometimes people don't want to hear the truth because they don't want their illusions destroyed. We think he was talking about sock subscriptions. At first glance, socks seem like an unnecessary expense - after all, one foot fits pretty much like another!

Why subscription services are important

The biggest advantage of sock subscriptions is that they force you to step up your sock game. Perhaps you’ve been buying whatever inexpensive pair you could find at Target, or a bunch of pairs of $5 socks at Costco—either way, it’s unlikely that you’re experimenting with new designs and materials. Subscription services typically include socks in a variety of styles, textures, patterns and colors; it’s hard to get bored or settle for something subpar when your friends are getting exotic textiles. Socks also make great gifts, so when someone in your life receives a pair from a subscription service, it makes them all but impossible to return!

Our Sock Subscription

If you subscribe to a sock of the month subscription, you'll receive a surprise pair of socks every month for up to two years (and beyond). You can choose socks that match your favorite pair or have a surprise. How fun! For most sock lovers, it would take quite some time and effort to purchase as many pairs of socks as they would get in their first few months with our sock subscription. Plus, if you like variety in your style—which is key when it comes to something as subtle as a shoe accessory—you’ll really love changing things up with new sock designs each month. Our customer service is top-notch and we're always happy to help.

Philosocksy & new socks every month

A philosophy is a combination of beliefs and sentiments, or ideas of right and wrong (which may be based on religion) that influence how we live our lives. A sockphilosophy would be similar to a philosophy but focused on what socks you wear. For example; I believe that new socks are every man's birthright, which is why I subscribe to a sock of the month club. Why should you join me in saying yes to new socks every month? If it works for me, it will work for you too! Now: what kind of socks do you wear now? Are they comfortable enough or would new ones make life better for your feet (and ankles)? Would quality over quantity be more valuable?