What's Your Sock Philosophy?

What's Your Sock Philosophy?

Have you ever thought about the sock of the month club? Before you snicker and move on, I’d like to convince you that it might be the best idea you’ve ever had. In fact, if you’re at all interested in socks, this could be one of the best things to happen to your collection of foot apparel.

A Just One Pair Philosophy

Most of us are lucky to wear socks for up to two years before they get too tattered to wear. If you're like most of us, you've tried a sock subscription or two in your day - and likely found them to be a waste of money. Why do I say that? Because if you're anything like me, after receiving just one pair in your subscription box, it will take at least three months before those socks have holes big enough to justify receiving another pair... By then, your first month is already half over! As a business coach who has subscribed my entire life (both as a subscriber and as an owner), I know there's an easier way.

The Experientialist

For some people, it’s not just about having cool socks. It’s about experiencing things, too—the more unique, unusual and extraordinary, the better. If you consider yourself an experientialist at heart, you know that sock-of-the-month clubs are a dime a dozen; they don’t really appeal to your inner rebel. But we get it: people give out socks as gifts all of time! You can change up gift giving by finding ways to experience something with your loved ones that doesn’t have to come in a box or bag. Whether it’s dinner at their favorite restaurant or seeing their favorite band play live, you can find creative and cool ways to give them experiences instead of stuff.

The Minimalist

Looking to pare down your wardrobe? If so, why not cut out that time-consuming trip to and from clothing stores by sending your socks directly to your door via a sock of the month club. When done correctly, it can be far less expensive than shopping for new socks each month. Better yet, take a leaf out of The Minimalist’s book and give yourself just one or two pairs—you’ll likely be surprised at how great life can feel with less! Just make sure you pick up another pair or two before they wear out. Socks aren’t like shoes: they don’t last forever.

The Traditionalist

For some, socks are an afterthought. As long as they're not stinky and don't have holes, socks don't matter—especially to guys. The traditionalist sees things a little differently, though. When you take time to choose quality pairs in patterns and colors that flatter your skin tone and wardrobe choices, your feet can look just as good as any other part of you. To figure out what works for you (and what doesn't), consider taking a test run with one of many sock-of-the-month clubs that ship unique hosiery straight to your door each month—just like clockwork. Once you know what fits into your sock philosophy, it'll be easy to find great new pairs that match both your lifestyle and personal sense of style.

The Collector

You’re a collector. You can’t help it—you love socks! In fact, you just might be a sock-of-the-month club kind of person (which we think is perfectly okay!). For you, it isn’t so much about dressing to impress as it is making your collection complete. You want every pair, and when they’re gone... they’re gone! That said, while you probably have a few old pairs lying around somewhere, new ones always make their way into your collection. They add variety to your everyday look and allow you to mix up what would otherwise be repetitive outfits. Plus, new socks are fun!