What's your preference? Dry socks in the dryer or line-dried?

What's your preference? Dry socks in the dryer or line-dried?

You may have heard of sock of the month clubs, monthly subscriptions that deliver interesting and fun pairs of socks directly to your doorstep each month. The idea behind sock subscriptions is simple: you get to enjoy different, high-quality socks on a regular basis with little effort or cost on your part.

Why do we love our socks so much

Before getting into the socks themselves, it’s important to note that we do love our socks—an unfathomable amount. Some of us have sock subscriptions, others prefer a sock of the month, and yet others are staunchly devoted to their socks always landing directly on our feet and never on a clothesline. But why? The answer is in our philosophy. A friend will give you a pair of ratty old socks, but if they’re yours they’ll be darn near irreplaceable. That type of feeling drives us to want more from our sock situation.

How can you find the perfect pair of socks

Depending on how active you are, it’s easy to get through a lot of socks every month. You can buy them one pair at a time and spend an arm and a leg. Or you can try sock subscriptions. Subscriptions mean paying for many pairs up front, but they offer great deals, so it doesn’t cost any more than buying each pair individually. The online retailer Philosockphy lets you pick between 12 months of subscription (you pay $16 per month) or two months ($15 per month). No matter which option you choose, you don’t have to do anything else—your perfect socks arrive at your door without hassle!

Sock subscriptions

Instead of wasting time trying to choose which socks to wear every morning, subscribe to a sock of the month service. Some even offer subscription boxes for sweaters and scarves as well. Sock subscriptions are a perfect example of how subscribing services are changing our lives by removing our boring daily routines, one box at a time. By now you’ve probably seen subscription boxes showing up all over social media and wondering what exactly they are and why they’re such a big deal—you’re not alone!

DIY sock hacks

Line drying socks is said to not only preserve their shape, but also helps them last longer. You can also use a clothesline instead of washing machines and detergents that may otherwise shorten sock life. Line drying is good for more than just socks—you can use it for underwear, baby bibs, pajamas, and other clothing items as well. But is it really better? Or do you just have a sock philosophy that happens to be right for you? We let two design editors debate if they think washing machines are better than line drying when it comes to preserving clothing.