What's Your Philosockphy? Join Our Sock of the Month Subscription and Find Out!

What's Your Philosockphy? Join Our sock of the month Subscription and Find Out!

How often do you change your socks? If you’re anything like us, the answer is not often enough! We all love to look good, but we sometimes don’t put enough effort into our feet. No matter how trendy your shoes are or how expensive your clothing, people’s eyes will always go directly to your feet first. Philosockphy Socks are the perfect accessory for any outfit, and with our monthly subscription package you’ll always have new and exciting styles to show off your strong side.


What Are Philosockphy Socks?

Philosockophy socks are a fun way to express your personality while being comfortable. They're made with high quality materials that are soft on the skin and come in a variety of colors and styles. For men, we offer a variety of different designs such as crazy color dress socks, cool mens socks, best sock subscription, or best crew socks. For women we have awesome socks club, cool mens socks, colorful ankle socks, or colorful mens ankle socks. Choose from over 40 designs available for you to choose from. You'll love our fun men's ankle sock that comes with an attached cotton ball at the toe for added comfort when walking around all day. And don't forget our best sock subscription that has been compared to Birchbox - but for your feet!


How Did They Come About?

Philosockphy started in September of 2016 when our founder (Phil) was on a quest to find colorful dress socks to wear with his favorite pair of brown wingtips. He couldn't find any stores that stocked fun socks for men, so he thought, I should just start my own sock company! So Phil went home and found a factory that could make what he wanted- colorful socks for men. Soon after Phil had set up his business, Phil realized he needed some help running it all by himself. He brought his son (Jack) on as CEO and together they have been making cool socks for men ever since.


Why Did I Create Them?

I created Philosockphy socks because I found that people often buy a pair of socks for themselves and as a gift. They're always looking for new ideas for both men, women, kids and babies. So I decided to create something fun that anyone can enjoy.
I wanted to be able to offer an affordable monthly subscription service so you can get your own sock each month without having to think about it. And because we offer different styles throughout the year, you'll never run out of options.
I'm excited about my sock business because it will give me the chance to do what I love while helping others find unique gifts they'll enjoy too!


Philosophy-Inspired Socks for Every Taste, Interest, or Need

The philosophy-inspired socks from Philosockphy are perfect for everyone, no matter what your taste, interest, or need. There are two different types of sock subscription: a monthly sock-of-the-month club, which includes one pair of socks each month for $14.99, or a quarterly sock-of-the-quarter club with four pairs at a price of $39.99. The monthly subscriptions come in three different sizes: large (8 to 12), medium (5 to 8), and small (2 to 5). Plus, they have both men's and women's styles available in six different colors--purple ankle socks, mens colorful socks, gift socks--so there is something for every personality or need!


How Do I Get One of These Wonderful Things?

The secret to finding that perfect pair of socks is having a sock of the month club. We make it easy by setting up a subscription for you, which means you'll never have to worry about buying socks again, plus your first pair will be on us. Plus, we'll send you fun dress socks in addition to one other pair per month. It also includes free shipping for every order over $30 (US). Why not join our sock of the month subscription and find out what your philosophy is?


The Story Behind the Designs

We want to help men find their philosockphy. We understand that every man is different, but we also know that we all have a strong side. Through our monthly sock subscription service, you'll be able to wear colourful socks every day and show off your unique personality.
This is not just a sock club - it's a philosophy club.


No Animal Products - But Does This Matter to You?

For a lot of people, starting their own business is more than just about money. It's about following their passion and making an impact in the world. One company that shares this philosophy is Philosockphy Socks. They believe that every person should be able to express themselves through style, so they offer a monthly sock subscription service that lets customers choose from over 100 patterns each month. The best part? They donate 20% of their profits to a charity or nonprofit organization chosen by our subscriber each month! Join us on our journey as we explore ways to make our business more sustainable while giving back to those in need.


Ever Thought About Starting a Business That Makes a Difference?

Philosocks is a company that makes socks, but not just any kind. We make socks that not only look great, but also help you make a difference by giving back to those in need. You see, we donate one pair of our socks to a person in need for every pair we sell. This means that your purchase goes a long way in helping those who are less fortunate than you.