What's the Best Sock Subscription Club to Join?

You spend hundreds of dollars on clothes every year, but what about your socks? If you love a quality pair of socks, why not treat yourself to one every month? With so many sock subscription clubs out there, it can be difficult to find the perfect match. In this post, we’ll take an in-depth look at the best sock subscription services on the market right now, to help you find the best sock of the month club for your own needs and preferences.

A comparison between sock subscription clubs

As someone who loves quality socks and hates making decisions, I would recommend cool socks Monthly. The price is a little higher than most, but they have monthly sock of the month club boxes that have a variety of cool socks with no strings attached. They also include extras like stickers, pins, and other fun surprises in each box. In contrast, some other subscriptions only offer one type of sock per month or may be more expensive without any extra perks.

Details of each sock subscription club

1. What is the cost? $9-10 per month, depending on whether or not you have a referral code

2. How many pairs of socks are typically included in a shipment? You can choose from different quantities - but usually it is four pairs of socks

3. Is there an age limit for when someone should start receiving socks from this service? Yes, typically, kids are between six and twelve years old

4. Does this company carry cool socks, like Star Wars or animal patterns? Yes!

5. What materials do their socks typically come in? Cotton blend and cotton (cooler weather) or wool blend and wool (warmer weather)

Pros and cons of each sock subscription club

The following is a list of sock subscription clubs, pros and cons of each, and why they might not be right for you.

Sock Fancy - The Pros: The socks are usually high quality and come in styles that are seasonal and trendy. The Cons: You'll spend an arm and a leg on shipping costs as well as on the socks themselves. There is no option for exchanges or returns with this service.