What's the Best Sock Subscription?

What's the Best Sock Subscription?

When it comes to socks, all you really need are the basics. Socks don’t have to be fancy in order to keep your feet warm and comfortable, but there’s something about getting a new pair of socks that makes you feel like it’s Christmas morning. If you love receiving socks in the mail as much as we do, then this guide will teach you everything you need to know about sock subscriptions and why they may or may not be right for your family or kids this holiday season!

The Basics

The Basic Philosockphy - Socks, socks and more socks. As a parent, you’ll quickly learn that every day is like Christmas morning when it comes to gifts for your children. It seems as though there are new toys, games and clothes coming out of nowhere! Don’t make it easier on your kids—or yourself—by simply giving them anything they want. Consider buying them some me time instead by signing up for a sock subscription service. While that may sound silly at first, once you see all of the benefits of doing so (in terms of saving money and giving your kids some real ownership over their own wants), it will make perfect sense.

The Different Types of Socks

Philosockphy is a sock subscription service. It sends socks to your door every month. The socks are top-quality and come in different types: dress socks, compression socks, hiking socks, running socks and so on. For example, here are three pairs of Hiking Socks they sent me: a synthetic/cotton blend; soft merino wool; and stretchy hydrophobic nylon. The Hiking Socks are black with little white lines crisscrossing all over—like tire treads for an off-road Jeep (or something like that). I’ve never worn these type of hiking boots so these have been very interesting to try out. Plus, my feet get cold pretty easily in winter weather so I wear lots of fuzzy slippers.

The Costs

Unless you want to splurge on a designer sock of the month, there are many subscription options under $20 that allow you to order one pair of socks every month. For example, if you subscribe with A Pair Of Darn Good Socks for $15/month, you’ll receive two pairs of simple designs in classic colors like grey and navy—and shipping is included. Other sock subscriptions under $20 include Bamboo Box ($12), Philosockphy ($14) and Bare Necessities ($15). But no matter what price point or type of sock you choose, be sure it fits your personality. Even if they aren’t a hit with everyone else, wearing something fun will at least remind you to be grateful for whatever socks you get each day.

The Fits

The sock subscription industry is booming, and though it may seem like they’re a new phenomenon, they’ve actually been around for decades. In fact, there are several businesses that have been operating since before World War II. While there aren’t any numbers on just how many businesses exist, third-party research suggests that subscriptions bring in close to $1 billion annually—and it keeps growing. Still, not all socks are created equal and picking out your next pair of socks can be hard. That’s why you need to know about Philosockphy. It helps you find socks for every occasion and ensures that you never wear an embarrassing pair with your suit again!

Which One Is Right For You?

While both are certainly worth a try, you can figure out which one is right for you depending on your personal preferences. Perhaps convenience is most important to you, in which case Stance sock of the month might be for you. If high quality and unique designs are at top of your list, Club Soda might be more what you're looking for. It all comes down to your individual needs, so think through your preferences before taking action. Doing some research online will help you further narrow things down. Either way, if socks aren't an essential part of your wardrobe or it's been a while since your last pair, there's no better time than now to add socks to your wardrobe rotation!

Answers To FAQs

What is a sock subscription? Like a candy-of-the-month club, sock subscriptions provide you with a new pair of socks on a regular basis. The most common variety of sock subscription is based around different themes. You might receive socks that are inspired by nature, by music or even by presidential candidates! Other sock subscriptions let you choose between receiving an identical pair of socks each month or opt for style and color combinations that are more varied. Many sock subscriptions are also customizable based on gender, size and activity level. Are there different types of subscription clubs out there for socks? Absolutely! There are so many companies offering a wide range of choices in style and price that it’s easy to find something that fits your needs and budget.