What's in your sock drawer?

What's in your sock drawer?

We all have that drawer of socks we never seem to wear. But did you know there are sock subscriptions where you can get new socks every month? So check out these cool sock subscription services that will keep your feet warm through the winter months!

Discover sock of the month clubs

There are more sock subscriptions available than you could ever need. Think about what your sock preferences are, and which subscriptions would best fit them. Would you rather have a few options to choose from each month or do you want it to be a surprise every time? It may take some trial and error, but there’s a subscription out there for everyone. The other perk of sock of the month clubs is that they can make excellent gifts (or even stocking stuffers!) if your recipient has similar taste in socks to you.

Choose subscriptions

As you look at sock subscriptions, look for ones that include hand-selected designs and premium socks from an established company. There are many online retailers with sock-of-the-month clubs that send you a mix of styles and fabrics, as well as fun holiday or seasonal items. If you’re looking for something to give someone—whether it’s yourself or a loved one—that really shows some care, then these are great gift ideas for when cold weather sets in. Socks make great stocking stuffers, too!

cool socks for every occasion

In addition to fresh socks, consider ordering some cool socks for every occasion and interest. Choose a pair of casual, fun socks for hanging out with friends or relaxing at home. Grab another pair if you are going out to be warm and stylish. And purchase one or two pairs specifically for cold weather and outdoor activities. There are so many fun sock brands available online that you won't run out of options anytime soon! Many online shops offer cute designs and quirky themes so it will be easy to find exactly what you're looking for. If that isn't enough, there are even sock subscriptions available where your monthly box will include different types of cool socks! With choices like these, it is easy to see why people love adding new pairs to their sock collection all year long!

Check out shoe stores and online shops

Shoes are a great way to add some of that cold-weather flair to any ensemble, even if it’s just sneakers. And thanks to new technologies like 3D printing, you can find some truly unique styles without breaking your budget. If you don’t want to splurge on shoes, hit up local consignment stores or have a look online—you might be surprised by what you find! Just remember to try on shoes before buying them (especially online) so you can ensure they fit properly and feel good. It’s also important not to overlook socks: those sock-of-the-month clubs aren't just for fun! If properly fitted and made of quality material, socks can give significant relief from foot pain.

How to choose quality socks

The sock industry has changed over time. Unfortunately, many brands are actually selling filler socks that tend to fall apart more quickly than they should. When purchasing a new pair of socks, ask yourself how important quality is to you. If you don’t think twice about paying $20 for a pair of jeans and it makes sense financially to buy quality socks that won’t start falling apart after two washes, then it makes sense to spend extra on better-quality socks. Socks that are more comfortable, wick away moisture and prevent blisters will be well worth an investment up front. Good-quality sports socks can last five times longer than cheaper alternatives!

Keep your feet happy this winter

Cold weather can be hard on feet, especially when they’re not protected. If you’re looking for a way to stay warm, think about investing in some cool socks. Choose a pair that fits with your sock of the month club and you’ll never have cold feet again! We all want our toes to be comfortable, especially when we are wearing closed-toe shoes. Whether or not you choose to give yourself a foot massage after a long day at work or just enjoy all-day comfort, these tips will help you make it through winter without having to worry about blisters or chafing. Here are some awesome products available at sockclubs!