What Your Tie Says About You, According to Sock Subscriptions


One thing we all know about socks is that they’re all the same. Sure, there might be variations in color and pattern, but what if you could find something special in each pair? That’s the idea behind sock subscriptions, and now it can extend to your tie collection as well! Read on to see how socks can tell you which tie you should wear today, according to your preferred sock subscription of choice.


How A tie can say something about you

Ties are a great way of formalizing a man's look. They can also be used as a signifier for other things like personality traits and beliefs. A study found that the tie color you wear can say something about you. Mens purple ankle socks are often worn by those with a more sophisticated, traditional style. For example, mens colourful socks with lines or dots in them is more likely to be worn by someone who is playful and relaxed. mens colourful socks with patterns like stripes and polka dots are more likely to be worn by someone who is outgoing or confident. Mens colorful socks that have flowers or animals on them would typically be worn by someone who has an artistic side but still wants to maintain some level of professionalism in their attire.


How different types of socks can say something about you

Socks are a great way to express your personality and can be used as a conversation starter. For example, if you're wearing bright colored dress socks or crazy color dress socks then people will know you're looking for some fun! Or if you're wearing funky men's ankle socks then it is obvious that you want to show off your style. On the other hand, if you're wearing dark navy crew socks or classic black dress socks then people will know that you have a more conservative side. The best part about owning a sock subscription is that every month when the box arrives it'll be time for another fun surprise!


Rethink your ties...

You might think that your tie says a lot about you, but there are other things that it's been up against. So if you're ready for a fun change-up in the wardrobe department, then we've got some great news. We have some awesome socks subscriptions which will give you the chance to explore an exciting new color every month. With our best sock of the month club, you'll never have boring ties again!


Rethink your socks...

This may sound a bit ridiculous but you can actually learn a lot about someone based on their sock choices. If they have fun socks for men and women then you know that they like to have fun. If they prefer colorful socks for men or monochrome dress socks then you know that they are classy. Men who wear cool mens socks are often laid-back and easygoing and those who wear fun mens ankle socks are often playful. What your shirt says about you is also important; a tie with wild animal prints might mean that the person likes adventure while one with subtle stripes might mean that he's conservative and traditional. If you're looking for an awesome socks club or the best crew socks then subscribe to our service!