What Your Tie Says About You, According to Sock of the Month Club


You know that feeling when you get an awesome package in the mail and all you want to do is show everyone? That’s the feeling we were going for when we decided to create our sock of the month club, where customers sign up to receive their own fun and unique socks each month. We recently did some research on how people with our sock of the month club felt about their shipments, and here’s what we found!


The Fancy

Fancy wants your dad to feel as cool as you do. That's why they created a sock club for him that includes socks with different patterns and colors every month. The socks are high quality, made from cotton and wool blend, and come in a variety of styles like no-show crew socks (the kind you wear with dress shoes), ankle socks (the ones you wear with sneakers), or crazy colorful dress socks. They've got something for every dad out there whether he's into sports or style. To start them off on their fancy journey we're offering up a two-month sock subscription for just $10 - that's 12 pairs at retail price!


The Boring

A tie is a symbol that can tell you a lot about someone. A man's tie represents many things like age, occupation and mood. Mens purple ankle socks are trendy items that are fun and fashionable for anyone who wants to add color and personality to their wardrobe. These socks are perfect for men who want something not-so-traditional but still on-trend and unique. Mens colorful socks come in so many different designs from stripes to polka dots or even plaids. There are tons of options for any man looking for some cool ankle socks! The best sock subscription service is here at Socks of the Month Club! We have the best crew socks with the coolest patterns and styles for any man looking for awesome socks club.


The Preppy

Mens colorful socks are here! The mens ankle socks from sock of the month club are perfect for work or play. If you're looking for gifts, they make a great present that will last all year long. And if you're just looking for some fun socks for men - look no further. Fun men's ankle socks can help brighten up any day. There are so many styles and colors to choose from and there's something for everyone. For cool mens socks that get noticed - you can't go wrong with these fun colorful ankles. They'll be your new favorite thing!


The Rebellious

Owning a pair of colorful socks is no longer reserved for women alone. Men can wear patterned socks too! Rebellion is in this season and it's time to break free from the strict rules that are out there. It's time to do things your way, so buy some cool socks today. They're not just for men who have gone through puberty either - they're perfect gifts for kids who need something new and exciting. So buy some fun dress socks or colorful ankle socks today and never worry about being boring again!


The Edgy

Every guy needs a good pair of socks. Whether it’s for wearing at work or for just lounging around, you need something that fits your style and won’t go out in public with you. So what does your tie say about you? Well if you are ready to make a statement- check out our best sock of the month club! mens colourful socks are all the rage now and we have some really cool options in our selection. We offer an affordable gift sock service too- so if you want to buy yourself a present but don't know which one (or want someone else to buy it) we've got you covered! Our socks are made from high quality materials and come in an array of colors.