What Your Tie Says About You, According to Our Sock of the Month Subscription

What Your Tie Says About You, According to Our sock of the month Subscription

What does your tie say about you? What does your favorite sock say about you? Now that you’re thinking about it, what does your sock subscription say about you? If you’re not sure, don’t worry, we are! We put together this infographic of our sock of the month subscription club to show what your favorite socks can tell others about your personality and tastes. Whether you’re thinking about subscribing or just looking to learn more, check out the sock of the month Club by clicking here!


The history of the tie

Ties are a fashion statement that can be traced back to around 1860-1900. Originally ties were worn by men in order to keep their shirt collars from becoming too loose and as a sign of social status. They were either made out of silk or wool and came in many colors and patterns. In the 1920s they became more popular with businessmen and businessmen only wore them with suits. Nowadays ties come in all types of materials such as cotton, polyester, hemp (a type of fiber extracted from the cannabis plant), silk, rayon (which is made from regenerated cellulose fibers) and wool. There are also different colors now with seasonal colors for holidays such as green on St Patrick's day.


The meaning of different tie colors

Ties come in a variety of colors and patterns. What do they say about you? - Red ties: The color red is associated with power and passion. It's also used in warning signs and as a symbol for fire fighters. Red is used on stop signs and flags because it's easy to see from afar. - Black ties: Black is the color of mourning or sadness. It's also been used as an emblem for anarchism, fascism, and punk rockers. Black tie events are formal affairs that usually require tuxedos or other formal wear.


The significance of different tie patterns

Patterns on ties can tell you a lot about who they're made for. For example, paisley is known as a pattern that has been traditionally worn by men in the South. Geometric patterns are popular among young professionals and business people, while animal prints are typically worn by more casual dressers. If you wear a tie without any pattern whatsoever, it's likely that you're looking for something with less decoration than what other tie patterns offer. These days there's no such thing as one size fits all when it comes to neckwear; your tie will say a lot about you!


How to choose the right tie for you

Choosing the right tie can be a daunting task. With so many colors, patterns and shapes available, it's hard to know what works best with your outfit. Ultimately your tie should suit your personality and show a little bit about who you are as an individual. For example: if you like being on the wild side then maybe try some fun socks or cool striped ties. Maybe you're more conservative and prefer classic colors such as black or navy blue? We've created this handy guide to help you make sense of it all!