What Your Socks Say About You

What Your Socks Say About You

A sock subscription makes a great gift, and it's an awesome way to pamper yourself! Here are some of the best sock subscriptions out there that will help you make your next gift choice a lot easier. You can't go wrong with any of these!

2 Do’s

When deciding what socks to wear, think about both form and function. First, do you want your sock to compliment your outfit? If so, pay attention to color (obviously). Keep in mind that darker colored socks will complement lighter outfits better than vice versa. Also consider what type of fabric you’re wearing—cotton blends tend to go best with cotton or cotton-blend clothes while silk or silk-blends pair well with wool. As for fun fabrics like cashmere, they go great with nearly anything! Lastly, don’t be afraid to wear crazy socks. Make sure that they match your personality and style—but there’s no reason you can’t add a little zest and vibrancy to an otherwise boring outfit.

6 Other Things To Think About

If your socks are overly colourful, you might be a businessperson. If they're plain white, you might be more practical and function-focused in your everyday life. If your sock colour doesn't match (e.g., one is brown and one is blue), you're probably open to new things that challenge what you know. If one sock has something written on it like iPod or love, while another is plain, it could say a lot about how you show love—are you outwardly demonstrative or do your actions speak louder than words?

7 How To Clean Them

Unlike a lot of articles that try to get you to do weird things with socks (like make them into candles), I'm going to give you some good advice about how to clean your dirty socks. By following these steps, you'll be able to extend their lifespan and enjoy them for many years after they've worn out from walking. Here's how it works: before washing your socks, fill up a tub with lukewarm water, add a small amount of dishwashing liquid, and swish around for about 20 seconds.