What Your Socks Reveal About You

What Your Socks Reveal About You

Although there are hundreds of different styles of socks out there, they all fall into three basic categories: ankle socks, knee-highs and over-the-knee socks. To make choosing the right sock easier, this month we’re featuring one style of each in the month’s #SockOfTheMonth box!

The Benefits of Having a Sock Subscription

Philosockphy believes that having a sock subscription makes you look professional, while still being fun. Everyone gets to decide what their subscription will be based on a different personality trait. From $19/month they can choose a masculine or feminine box that best fits their persona. Many of these socks aren’t only meant for feet; it also comes with accessories such as wallets and hats.

The Types of Sock Subscriptions

There are a number of different sock subscriptions, and each one promises to send your socks on a regular basis. Make sure you consider all your options before committing to one over another. For example, do you want to be surprised? Some sock of the month clubs include socks from designers in themes (think sporty, fashionable), but other offerings include surprise every month. There are also subscriptions that allow you to pick from different kinds of socks (for example, all heel-free options). No matter what your preferences are for sock subscription—whether it’s about how much money you want to spend or how often—it’s good to consider each option carefully before choosing what works best for you.

PhilsophySOCKS – A sock of the month Subscription Service with Meaningful Backstories Behind Every Pair

PhilosophySOCKS is a sock of the month subscription service that delivers hand-made, limited edition designs that re-imagine classic styles with meaningful storytelling and ethical production behind every pair. Each design focuses on a specific philosophical idea or famous thinker. If you're looking for socks that re-imagine classic styles, PhilosophySOCKS has something for you! Keep reading to learn more about what they do, how they do it, and why we're fans!... read more

How Much Does a sock of the month Subscription Cost?

The online sock subscription service Philosockphy offers a three-month or six-month membership, during which members receive one pair of designer socks monthly. Prices range from $40 to $60 per month, depending on length of membership. Members also have options for specific colors and patterns in each package. This may be helpful if you’re looking for a pair of multicolored socks to go with your favorite work outfit every day—or don’t want to surprise yourself! Although most online sock subscriptions offer yearly rates and specialty packages (like slipper socks), these services can get costly, with plans starting at around $80 per month. Then again, not all services require that you subscribe for a year; others let you buy individual pairs of socks whenever you want them.

Who Can Benefit from a sock of the month Subscription?

A common saying you’ll hear at Philosockphy is your socks will never let you down. We often find that socks speak to us in ways we can’t even imagine. For example, at our last team meeting, one of our employees was wearing a pair of black-and-white striped socks (with flip flops). This surprised me because I didn’t know she had a pair of striped socks – but when I saw them on her feet, I started to think about how they really matched her personality. She has always been a little quirky and different from everyone else. A sock subscription helps bring out your inner personality with amazing pairs of vibrant and stylish socks that fit your style and make you feel like a million bucks every day!

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