What Your Socks Reveal About You

What Your Socks Reveal About You

Although there are hundreds of different styles of socks out there, they all fall into three basic categories: ankle socks, knee-highs and over-the-knee socks. To make choosing the right sock easier, this month we’re featuring one style of each in the month’s #SockOfTheMonth box!

An Introduction to Sock Subscriptions

Several companies specialize in sending their customers new socks of the month. For example, Philosockphy offers sock subscriptions where they send you 3 pairs of stylish socks per month to keep you looking good. At last count, Philosockphy had over 800 different types of socks that users can choose from. The beauty of sock subscriptions is that you’ll be getting fresh pair every few weeks or so at a discounted price. Not only does it ensure your wardrobe always looks up-to-date and sophisticated, but it also helps reduce plastic waste by reducing consumption. Who doesn’t want clean underwear?

The Monthly Subscription - How it Works

There are three major types of sock subscriptions that you can try out. The first type is a monthly subscription service, where you get to choose between three options: performance socks, dress socks and fun socks. Each month, your socks will be delivered directly to your home; it’s a great way to treat yourself and save money on buying new socks all year long. The second type is a seasonal subscription service, which gets you one package with two or three pairs of matching socks for every season in one year. While it’s cheaper than buying regular monthly subscriptions ($30-$40 per package), having matching pairs for each season might not be enough for some people as they usually prefer to wear different kinds of socks during different seasons.

Philosophy Behind Philosockphy

Any passionate entrepreneur should start with a vision, then build a business around it. And that’s what I did when I started Philosockphy. Originally, I planned to start a sock subscription service for men who just didn’t care enough about their feet to pick out their own socks. It would be my mission to bring fashionable socks into even their lives—no excuses! But as I worked on developing my brand and image, I realized something: these were people who loved fashion and were looking for a better way to shop but didn’t want to deal with all of that nonsense. They wanted clean lines and pretty colors in both their clothing and accessories.

The Impact of the Subscription Boxes on Society

The subscription box business model has taken off in recent years. There are hundreds of different boxes out there that appeal to different tastes and preferences, but they all have one thing in common: you pay one time for a product that’s worth more than what you paid. Some companies deliver specific types of products to your door; other companies are a combination of style and discovery, where you’re sent items with individual themes for each box. The former is like going to Costco once a month for bulk buys; you know exactly what you’re going to get and how much it will cost.

Why sock of the month Are Better Than Regular Gift Cards

It’s true that socks are often given as a holiday gift, but they aren’t usually considered one of the most fun gifts. It can seem like a chore to go out and find that perfect pair of socks every year and most people don’t get excited about them. However, there is something to be said for giving a gift that keeps on giving, especially if it means you aren’t stuck with tons of leftover socks sitting around your house once January rolls around. What if you could give your family and friends something different each month? A unique sock delivered straight to their door so they never run out again!

10 Reasons To Start Own sock of the month Subscription Today!

Just like with a wine club or cheese of the month, sock of the month is about being a part of something special. And really, why should you let someone else make all your choices? Especially when those choices are so personal. Owning your own sock club means that you get to choose which pair goes best with which suit, or even just what socks you want to wear on any given day. It’s also a great conversation starter at business meetings and can give you insight into other people's interests by what they say (or don't say) about their monthly sock packages. Owning a sock subscription service is fun and rewarding; we guarantee it!

7 Ways To Give A sock of the month As A Gift.

Many people don’t think of socks as a creative gift, but they can be! You see socks are an underappreciated part of everyone’s wardrobe that often goes unnoticed. It is said that everyone wears them and nobody notices them. While not all of these things may be true, people certainly do wear them and a well-chosen pair can make a subtle statement or keep toes warm even in extreme cold. And with so many different socks available today, there is bound to be something to fit anyone’s style or personality. Here are some ideas